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About us

Electrical engineer now working in a telecommunication company. Graduated from the states
loves horse back riding, listening to jazz music (that’s where the podcast theme came from), and watching music

Biomedical Engineer now working in a Real Estate company. Graduated from the states
loves work, family, tv shows, and movies

you can always email us @




1. Dr. Mahmood Al-Mousawi - January 9, 2007

Great job guys. I am proud of you…

2. Dawn Fairy - January 15, 2007

what a nice effort, keep the good work i really liked it.
and i am proud of you too 🙂

3. Blake Benjamin - January 25, 2007

great podcast, it grabs the listener from the beginning to the end

4. intlxpatr - January 28, 2007

My neice teaches arabic on the college level – mostly to young people of Arabic descent, who know a little arabic but not a lot. I will recommend your podcasts for “authentic listening” – perfect for students, topical, funny – and your audio quality is great.

Not that I could understand it – maybe every tenth word! But you have great chemistry, and are very easy to listen to.

5. Aqib - February 16, 2007

Great podcast!

I need some help. How did you put that domain forward from your blogspot to this website.

You know, when you you go to http://www.deera-chat.blogspot.com and it automatically re-directs itself here, how’d you do that?

6. Bent_li_Ree7 - March 3, 2007

Musaed…a7la shay ina you like hOrses!! =D

btw..nice website yOu guyz…keep it up.


7. Simply_Bahraini - March 9, 2007

Best Podcast wallah. u guys are great. Love the personalities, and the topics sooo true. keep it up shabab.

8. Siddharth - March 14, 2007

Hi Musaed and Ali,

Siddharth with you. [idiots guide to sui…. 🙂 ]
How are you guys? this blog rocks 🙂
stumbled into it while googling for today’s short movies show…

haven’t checked the podcast yet…

keep up the work…

9. Ebrahim - March 17, 2007

Great work 🙂 Keep it up

10. Life Drama - March 18, 2007

مرحبا مساعد و بو حسين
صراحة ابداع و حرفنه شغلكم … قواكم الله و إلى الأمام


11. Mohannad R. Al-Farhan - June 12, 2007

Good job guys, U R doing very nice and professional work, keep it up.
واتمنالكم النجاح والله يوفقكم بشغلكم
ومواضيعكم حلوة ومفيدة وحساسة
وانا شخصيا استفدت وايد من مواضيعكم

الله يوفقكم

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