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لجنه الظواهر السلبية، ليش سلبي يبه؟؟ July 4, 2008

Posted by Deera Chat Family in culture, government, kuwait, Podcast.

كل كلامهم سلبي اب سلبي، شدعوة يبه الدنيا مو خرابه لهذي الدرجة، يعني لمن الواحد يشوفكم يضيق خلقه و تنسد الدنيا بويهه فما بالك بالك بالتشريعات اللي قاعدين يسونها!!!!
المهم سمعوا كلامنا هل الاسبوع و قولوا لنا شرايكم



1. ahmed - July 4, 2008

the background sound is so load .

i cant hear nothing

2. eshda3wa - July 4, 2008

it all comes down to this
you reap what you sow.

peoples votes got these imbeciles to the majles. they didnt get there on their own.

when the lajna was formed only FOUR people voted against it! FOUR.

i have said it before and ill say it.. the problem in kuwait is that its made up of extremists! either islamic extremist or self proclaimed liberals who are in reality just anti-islamic. if only we had moderates. someone in the middle that merges the two it would make life so much easier!

3. Deera Chat Family - July 4, 2008

i checked the background music and it is all fine, try adjusting your speakers.

the problem is NO ONE CARES, il nowab they wanna get a piece of the majlis cake… to do so they gotta keep busy with other things than being part of these lijan. thats one thing. the people are the second thing to be so focused on loans and other minor stuff that they need such people to represent them to eat the loans and the rest of the country. so ignorance is something for us to be blamed for. and also the people who thing our way are a minority so i have a big suggestion here … we gotta make more babies to dominate the majlis in the upcoming 25 years, what do you guys thing??????

4. Bashar - July 6, 2008

This lajna is just the start for أمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر. My main point against it is, what defines thahera salbiya? Look at the representatives, and you can tell what sort of things they will call salbe!

Sadly, all members voted for it except liberals. So 4 out of 50. Even people who have opposite believes, which makes me think there are things under the table.

As msa3ad said, this lajna is the -ve thing we have. Members of this lajna are them selves breaking the law, bringing twisted thoughts. Tabtabaie said it before, he is honored to fight with taliban, haif al-mtairi is someone who does not respect the country flag, and 1 week after opening al majlis was caught passing red traffic light by police officer. Is this someone who is supposed to be making the rules, and defining -ve things in our country? I don’t think so. Crossing red traffic light means possible kill of innocent life.

Also, those majlis representatives are fighting hard to make abusing government propery legal for them under what’s called (Tantheem diwaniyat) Give me a break! It’s like saying HEY, stealing will be an organized crime. You need permission to do so.

5. Mishary - July 6, 2008

I totally agree.. bacher this lajnah is gonna tell me what to eat and what not to eat! like NO McDonalds! it’s not healthy! Eklaw Machboos!

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