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Cinema Treasures May 23, 2008

Posted by Deera Chat Family in entertainment, media, movie, Podcast.

all you can see now in Kuwait is the new and “kind of” up to date movie in the big screens. What happened to the classic movies, do people care about the original pictures from the back then? do you think having one single screen dedicated for such purposes would enrich the overall cinema awareness? listen to our show this week and let us know what you think
P.S. if your outside of Kuwait and looking for a classic theater, you can refer to this site, Cinema Treasures



1. eshda3wa - May 24, 2008

sure guys in theory it sounds good. but in Kuwait they’ll BUTCHER these movies, tear them apart, making a classic movie experience a nightmare!

im sure theyll find something to sensor even in mary poppins!

2. Linus - May 25, 2008

It would be cool if we had at least one in Kuwait!
Why not open a small cinema just for old classical movies :), it would be a great start for a new company in Kuwait

3. Ali Deera Chat - May 26, 2008

you are absolutely right, i believe we our current parliaments, don’t be surprised if they stop movies for prayer brakes or even stop showing movies !!

i dont think KNCC will allow it! it would be great thought

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