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Kuwaiti Women and the Westren world May 16, 2008

Posted by Deera Chat Family in culture, kuwait, Podcast.

men in kuwait are in a pickle … we don’t know if settling down with a girlfriend is acceptable or marrying more than one wife is also acceptable. cultural have been changing fast that things that we approved culturally are not any more and vise versa. listen to our episode this week and let us know what you think.



1. dodzi - June 6, 2008

Change change change thats kind of the main goal of the new generation… when you ask them about something they would say la sheno hatha elnas ma teftehem lazem efakroon methel hathoola o methel hathoolak bs when you ask them about plans they would shut their big gobs… 9a7 we all want a new way of living i mean the better mo shar6 new lifestyle which can turn our lifes head over heels… i would also like to comment on the tatto thingy well i think there is no need to flash there tattoos if so lana people had tattoos ever since madree meta (( mn senat el6af7a )) bs the thing is the phenomena that rises suddenly out of no where b3dain la walla many people with tattoos dont hide their tattoos o they keep on saying that its either there to make them satisfied with themself ((( o ma adree 3la sheno )) o ehma theyr doing it just for the change….or just to be basically UNIQUE o unique belq8t an important aspect that the new generation races for o chena they have a competition to show something new
there is something that i really think is getting so deep rooted in our new culture belq8t which is i do something which seems western so i would catch peoples attention … o walla walla sometimes it looks so bad that in the end you would think why some one coming out in that way is he trying to make of himself a laugh or a clown to entertain the watchers …7da hope you would talk about this issue lana now its becoming more and more of a do and no one would talk about it chena its been there for ever this problem …
love u guyz go on with your work o hope one day more q8ti’s will pay attention to ur issues;)

2. fatima - June 7, 2008


e7na 9ayreen mthl l’3rab elli thaya3 mashyeta.

I think kuwaiti women or kuwaiti people in general look up to the westren world as the golden world, they have no idea how this westren world suffers greatly from this uncontrolled freedom, kuwaiti women are loosing their IDs because they’re lost they don’t know what they want. looks, cars and maybe boyfriends
are the complete life they’re seeking.
When I visited kuwait last year I was in shock, I realized people want to be westren more than the westrens themselves, I saw women with 1000000 tons of makeup and fabric, crazy designs, goo6i 7jab style!!!!! fe a7ad sa2alha mn ay 8e9a mn 1000 laila wo laila 6al3a? or the girls with the very tight clothes and 1000 kilos of meat and fat showing and they think they’re too sexy for kuwaiti guys haha .
I ran the other day in to one of my old mates from high school , top to bottom was way too many fabrics and makeup she made me really dizzy by looking at her , skin showing and again sha7am wo la7m showing, she said I looked but once she opened her mouth I realized she is one big fake wanna be american doll.
that same old fart made me feel sorry for her because i see that she dosen’t know where to belong, anyway it’s very big and complicated matter but Musad you made it sound simple and the newly wed Ali added his own spice to it when he had no clue what he said but it was so funny.

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