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Tips: Kuwait Top Level Domain Name February 6, 2008

Posted by Deera Chat Family in kuwait, tech, technology, tips.

” Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research KISR has been commissioned by the Ministry of Communications to undertake the responsibility of establishing, managing and operating Kuwait Top Level Domain Name System in early 1999. KISR has allocated state-of-art equipment and information systems and assigned a number of specialized technical personnel to ensure continuous, effective and uninterrupted services “

for more information please visit http://www.kw/



1. Salah - February 6, 2008

Could check the link again? It doesn’t seem to work.

2. Deera Chat Family - February 6, 2008

it does work, i just tried it, what is the error msg ur getting?

3. Salah - February 6, 2008

It works now. Maybe it was my browser. Thanks

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