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kuwait-airways.com gone dark January 6, 2008

Posted by Deera Chat Family in Deera Chat News.

the recentlly announced “updated” Kuwait airways website (www.kuwait-airways.com) has rolled out an amazing update which is an error front page message!! the site has been like this since yesterday and hopefully it will be fixed by the time you read this post. Ayway the updates mentioned in AlRai paper on the 2nd of January were almost all available already on the site!!!

it is sad how bad our national airlines turned.  

check out the article by clicking on the below link




1. Bashar - January 7, 2008

“Invalid License Key – Domain : kuwait-airways.com.”!
Contact Fapco.net!

This is bad. It’s something international at least 404 error is better

2. Deera Chat Family - January 7, 2008

hahahah …. well u know better …

3. Hamad - January 8, 2008

sadly its still down ..
and its 100 % their fault ..
they brought it to them selfs ..
this is when you put the wrong people in the wrong place ..
i am so sad .. i really am ..

4. Hamad - January 8, 2008

updating comment ..
try removing the dash ..


and good morning deera chat ..

5. Samuel - January 8, 2008

Without the hyphen it works OK, but when I checked the “WhoIs,” it appears that kuwait-airways is registered as well. Maybe they will just redirect that site. Either way it looks bad and can turn people away if they go to the site and see a giant error.


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