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Kuwait doesn’t have an offical website! December 17, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in kuwait, Review.

if you type in “Kuwait” in your small Google search box, all you find is foreign sites talking about Kuwait! doesn’t the government of Kuwait want to show the world where the country is located, why people would want to come to Kuwait, how people can come to Kuwait, or how would they spend their time there? we believe it is important to draw a little nice picture of our county in the World Wide Web. on the other hand, if you type in “Dubai” , “Abu Dhabi”, “Qatar”, “Bahrain”, you’ll see GOVERNMENTAL sites showing you what you need to know about their country. Hope our ministry of information takes a little step forward instead of going through people’s mails and deliveries for the time being.



1. :::ShoSho::: - December 18, 2007

It’s really sad!! I liked Bahrain’s page!

2. BeDoOr - December 18, 2007

that’s Sad .. truely ..
but what if the linking parts between google and the net data itself .. isnt that good .. and there is a site and we just dont know about ? ..

and maybe Amiri diwan site can be considered about kuwait ? or lets say about the Amir …oh well ..

nice notice of you guys .. and yeah .. Minister of information if you see this .. take actions plz 😛 ..

i guess ppl would take action faster than the gov. ..

by the way .. how do you see the new government members ?
who’s good ? who’s diff this time ? ..

3. moayad - December 18, 2007

Actually, there is an official website for Kuwait. It’s from the Diwan Al Amiri:


which will forward you to:


As I remember the official Kuwait was a different than the Dewan one, I don’t know what happened to the old one. But, neither one of them is as good as Bahrain’s or Dubai’s websites anyway.

4. TRiPLE M - December 19, 2007

well…When it comes to reaching others Kuwait still far behind those countries.
Even Egypt have its own .travel domain name
so cool
Why not Kuwait/!?!?!
Kuwait leaded all Gulf countries back in the seventies till late nineties as one of the most attractive places in the whole ME…WTF Q8?

5. Deera Chat Family - December 19, 2007

you are right … if you take a good look at Dubai’ or Abu Dhabi, the site contains All kinds of information you to visit and establish a leisure business there …

Triple M:
you said it bro … leadED…

6. bashar - December 21, 2007

Again, Kuwait official site has Flash intro!!! WHY?
I think the problem is there is no organization, and if you look at it from the inside, you would see some different departments want credit for them selves, so you see non-relevant information on some government sites.

7. Nicole - December 23, 2007

I was going to mention too, that at least the Amir has his own site, but BeDoOr already did 😉

8. Hamad - December 23, 2007

well .. as a part of the E-Gov committee .. i remember myself and my manager proposing a Global website for the state of Kuwait .. with the works .. info .. entertainment .. banks .. travel agencies .. for EX .
you enter the website .. and you can find ANYTHING you want in this website .. it will be the main portal for every Kuwaiti .. or even a foreigner .. you eneter your Civil ID and pass .. then you are logged in .. your bank details .. CV .. passport .. everything governmental and also your interests .. you dont have to leave home anymore to finish anything .. you can even have a family tree if incase you need to inform family members ..
if i talk it will be the whole report i did ..
any ways .. imagine .. the state of the art website for KUWAIT ..
and the say
is it secure ?
will it work ?
how much ?
where ?
who will be the manager

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