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The Family Woman November 17, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in culture, family, Podcast, women.

Men like to be superior to women when it comes to money … imagine a family where  the  woman is buying toys for the kids, grocery, invites her man for dinner and lots of other things … is it gonna work for him … we didn’t think so and broke it down into different reasons … so listen up and let us know what you think 😉


1. macintosha - November 18, 2007

Although men have very basic instincts, they are very difficult to figure out !

2. Salah - November 19, 2007

Women are oppressed in our society. This is what we all know and nothing new is revealed. What surprised me is how even open minded people like the respectful speakers think of women. Does it make me less of a man when my partner is financial independent? No I don’t think so.
She is a person, a human being and she has right, and if she wants to buy things for her with her own money, then she is free to do so. And I’m going to be the first to congratulate her!


3. Deera Chat Family - November 19, 2007

or may you ladies complicate thing for us which makes things very difficult to figure out hehehe
i was being sarcastic and i don’t want to start the war of the sexes

that’s totally true but it is not a culture thing it is in us, men, we like to the main source of income for our households but doesn’t mean we can’t deal with it … it is totally healthy and men have to learn how to be another

4. BornConfuzed - November 20, 2007

Part of the problem is the misconception that the bread-winner is the one who wears the pants. Just because the woman provides for her family does not necessarily make the husband any less of a man! Marriage is not about who puts food on the table and who raises the kids, it’s about creating the most rich environment for the family regardless of who contributes with what!

5. Deera Chat Family - November 21, 2007

you know this is sooo true in the ideal world … but please show me a man in our Middle Eastern culture who doesn’t mind his companion making more money … may be few but not everyone … and this has to change because as you mentioned it is creating the most rich environment for the family regardless of who contributes with what

6. BeDoOr ( is back ) - November 22, 2007

misssssssssssssssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah .. finally i have the wireless set back in the house …
misssssss you guys aloooot ;***

actually , i’ve been downloading episodes from itunes when im at work 😛 and listen to them at the gym .. so dont worry i didnt miss anything .. but i should go back and comment on what attracted me most from the episodes …

Love yaa guys ,
keep up the good work ,
take care for now , and keep smiling ;D

7. erzulie - November 23, 2007

You know, it surprises me that so many open-minded, tolerant and well-educated men of all ages share this prejudice against women. Now, I do know exactly where you’re coming from. It is part of human, or rather, animal nature to have the males strut around in all their glory, sort of like how a peacock wows the females of his species with his colorful tail or how the thickness of a lion’s mane makes him more of an attractive option for lionesses to procreate with. However, in our case – human beings – it is slightly sexist.

About the whole asking for directions bit. I have come across men who refused and were outright offended by my suggestion to “Ask that man over there where so-and-so street is.” If a man – or anyone else for that matter – wants to be a good leader, he should be more open to suggestions to have a well-rounded knowledge base. The whole “It’s my way or the highway” attitude is what’s unmanly and reveals one’s insecurity with his or herself.

Nowadays, the men and women of our country have almost equal opportunities for education and to achieve whatever they want and are capable of attaining. To cut to the chase, I personally do not see how a marriage can be successful if one partner continuously compares his/her achievement with his/her spouse. It’s a marriage, not a competition. It shouldn’t be based on jealousy or envy of the other person’s success. And also, work is work and what happens before and after that time of day is life itself. That should be the important part.

You mentioned a valid point about a man feeling less of one if he cannot help his wife out financially and how the wife does not actually need his help because she can provide for herself. I think that that matter is important, but it all depends on the sensitivity and the manner in which a woman should handle this smartly. I agree that money and the ability to provide it for one’s wife is a big issue, but there are much more substantial things that a man can offer his wife, mostly the intangible things in life like respect, love and much more. And you might read this and roll your eyes but I know of many women – young and old – that swimming in mounds of money however, they are probably the unhappiest people in our country.

Moreover, we do hear about so-and-so’s high achieving wife when the man of the house himself is working ten rungs under her. However, do we know anything about how healthy their relationship is based on that single factor? No. I just think it takes a lot of maturity, a good grip on the social reality of the situation and the necessary deflation of the already overblown nature of many Kuwaiti men’s ego for such a relationship to work.

I think it is unfair for women to have lower standards than men. A friend of mine is an extremely bright, smart and ambitious young woman who I know will make it big in the industry she is working in. Is it her fault that she was born with that drive and intellect? Not at all. She should not be shunned for it but praised and respected as a woman and a human being. Now, many men – or males – would be intimidated by such a woman who *drum roll please* has the capacity to challenge them in an emotional and mental sense. But let me let you in on a little secret. Every woman, no matter how high she has climbed up that green ladder, wants to be cared and carried by a man stronger than her. No matter how much some women claim that they do not need a man and they do not want to be taken care of by one, deep down, there’s a damsel in distress waiting to be whisked away to fairytale land. So, it is a challenge for those few men who think they have the might to take that on to respect and cherish it.

PS Sorry for the long comment!

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