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Deera Chat in Kuwait Times October 24, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in Deera Chat News.

the second interview we have is with the Kuwait Times paper. We would like to thank Kuwait Times for taking the time to interview us.

Deera Chat Kuwait Times

to download the PDF file, please click here



1. Salah - October 24, 2007

that’s 3eesa! does he work in Kuwait Times?

2. judy abbott - October 24, 2007

🙂 Congrats… can’t wait for one of the arabic papers to notice your great work.

BTW the chat is getting better and better by the hour 😉

3. Deera Chat Family - October 26, 2007

nope thats his uncle

4. samah - February 10, 2008

Assalam alaikum
can you please e-mail me all thet kuwaity sites, I really like to chat .

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