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Why Sporting in Ramadan September 28, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in culture, healthcare, lifestyle, Podcast, Ramadan.


People are always sport aware in Ramadan, all the sudden everyone is exercising, is it the weather? or is it just something to do to kill the time? we’ve done the usual research, so listen to this week’s show to know our take on the subject, enjoy πŸ™‚



1. moodo - September 29, 2007

hey guys ..nice topic as usual but this time i have a couple of things to comment about
1- is it healthy to walk in Ramadan specially before fo6or..because usually athletic people do sport while holding a bottle of water in case of dehydration
2-i think it is more socializing with ppl than doing sport.coz they walk for like 30-50 min’s and then during fo6or they regain all the calories they lost during the walk
3- and last but not least if it was really about doing some sport ..then why do they do it in a mamsha not in a professional gym!!!

2. Deera Chat Family - September 29, 2007

Hi Moodo
thank you for your comment, as for your first point I think you meant to say that it is unhealthy to excercise in ramadan! I agree on your second point, it is part of the same point as broken the routen. as for the last point, I always like been out door more but thats just me.

3. 7amaniyoo - October 3, 2007

walking in ramadan sounds good
and fun.. πŸ˜‰
but i still have no time do do so

4. ray - October 4, 2007

u know what.. people are nuts

i walk everyday whether its ramadan or not and there is a 900% increase of people supposedly walking in ramadan… ya3ni how come u find grls in skirts and men in deshdasha’s bil mamasha ?! what kids of sport is that ! they’re more likely exercising their eyes than their bodies. don’t u think?

5. 7amaniyoo - October 4, 2007

i agree

6. Deera Chat Family - October 5, 2007

sharp and true observation

7. moodo - October 5, 2007

good comment ray!!

8. BeDoOr - October 5, 2007

Masaa’a alKhaaair πŸ˜€
e9ara7a sa7 el mamsha berme’6an etgol mojama3 .. kel men yamshy .. its a good thing after all .. laken laish bs berme’6an ..
ana e9ara7a magomt aro7 el mamsha .. cuz i go to the gym .. in the gym i take more time in a place where its safe for me to be .. and its near my house and the best that i can wear anything sportive for the gym .. something that i cant wear for public bel mamsha .. like shorts or whatever .. ( ee mit7agba ;p )
anyways ..

why sporting in ramadan :
1- in ramadan food is just toooooooooo much ! lots and lots of calories !
not to mention the Sweets also ! so at least burn some calories ppl take in this holy month .

2-to much time – killing time with sports or a good book .. much better than sleeping or watching TV . ( next episod why tv shows are only in ramadan ! we have the tv the whole year with nothing to watch .. bs e3adat 7ag erme’6an ele fat )

3-maybe they want to look good for 3id ? πŸ˜› bcuz ppl eat to much in this month so yeah could be and o hatha e3aziz number 2 cuz ppl have to much time to do anything before breaking the fast .

4-its free to walk anywhere safe . if the weather is cool and you had the best company that is encouraging and welling to make you smile during the walk .. why not WALK .. if you’re just lonely and dont have the company .. then enter a gym and workout with a trainer .. who can be your best company for days and days πŸ˜‰

yeah .. i cant think of anything else … but i encourage ppl to do sports and enter gyms and all ..and those who walk in tight unwearable stuff .. i say : its not comfortable and its ugly to even look at .. and if you’re fat dont you ever wear something tight and walk in public its so so so ugly …
and i agree with Ray up there … thanks Ray so true ..

y36eekom el 3afya Guys .. nice one as always ;)))

9. ray - October 5, 2007


this only applies for three walking lanes.. the others are deserted.

if u guys are interested in doind some outdoor sports without being bothered, i suggest alrawda walking lane.

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