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Cafes vs. Coffee Shops July 19, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in culture, Podcast.

If you decided one day to go to a Cafe (قهوة), just take a minute and see how you’ll behave, wear, and do there and compare this day to another day you spend to a coffee shop (Starbucks, Columbus cafe, Coffee Bean, Second Cup, etc). Man you’ll see a huge difference, the main thing which Ali noticed of course is the ABSENCE OF GIRLS in the قهوة on the other hand, Musaed noticed tones of other things … listen up and you’ll know what the differences are.



1. elaine.ess - July 19, 2007

mumkin it7i6oon transcripts 7ag ur interviews? thanks!

2. Deera Chat Family - July 19, 2007
3. Deera Chat Family - July 19, 2007

and sorry the file is not working nw coz of server problem with our host … it should be fixed in 5 – 10 minutes

4. space`` - July 20, 2007

ma etshoif shr emsa3id

5. deera chat family - July 20, 2007

thank you very much space
Shar dont come to u

6. BedoOr - July 20, 2007

shloooonkom .. Missss youuu
i missed the episode cuz i was TANNING in the shalet… yeaaaah .. it was nice if you’re wondering and now bedoor got some pinky shades .. and they are coooool … hehehe … i like myself what to do ..

el mohim , shlonkom ? missed you wayed and its nice to hear you back after being clean and relaxing at home …

about what Meaed said , its so annoying .. to be honest i dont remember i read any of them but i never throw them out .. i just take them and keep then in the passenger seat .. but once when i was out of class , in the parking of the KU i had to read one cuz it got my attention it was like : الخطابة فلانة .. راسين بالحلال مادري شنو .. و عندها مكتب بسورية
b3ad nage9na e7na etzawgeen shababna soreyaat ! .. ( 3eshna o shefna ) 😛

el mohim, el coffee shop .. aked y3ne for gurls its suitable , relaxing and you find it everywhere .. brands and all ..
i like coffee beans … specialy kefan branch .. i found it cousy .. relaxing .. i go in training suits and like the mossssst relaxing out fit .. i just like it there specially if im with the right friend .. company makes a difference for sure .. you know .. ;P

i kinda agree on all what you’ve said about coffee shops .. but will cafes i dont know really .. but from what i’ve heard from bros will yeah i guess i can tell there is a huge difference ..

i think el coffee shop has a timimg schadual .. el gahwa a7es its non stop .. i dont really know if it closes or not .. but some husbands go to cafes and stay for a late time at night .. but in a coffee shop you’re most likely to leave cuz its like .. i dont know .. or maybe cuz im a gurl and i dont stay way to much in a coffee shop .. y3ne max sa3a sa3a o shwaya etha el ga3da 7ilwa .. bas y3ne i must have something or lilke meeting friends ..

y3ne kela 3ala 7asab el mood o el ‘6rof ..

nice episode guys .. good work
matshof shar Mesaed .. shfeek ? what happened to ur back ?
*Bedoor handing mesaed the Vix *
Ali take care of Mesaed . plz 😛

thanks again 😉

7. BedoOr - July 20, 2007

and yeah by the way : No offence ment by getting married to a woman from sarya .
bs حلات الثوب رقعته منه و فيه
alah bel khair .

8. VHB - July 20, 2007

Hi 4 el deera group

ya36eekom el3afya … bennisba 7ag khali musaed observation .. aana ba3ad met’6ayeg min elsalfa … check this link


9. 3baid - July 21, 2007

I just wanted to mention that if you see any flyers on your car, do everyone a favor and submit them to the Paper Dump!

10. 3baid - July 21, 2007

Sorry here’s the fixed link: Click

11. Deera chat family - July 21, 2007

welcome back, glad you are enjoying your summer, you are right its about the mood. each has its own thing and jow. back still hurts but Ill leave 🙂

thats a really good idea, thanks

12. Bedoor - July 21, 2007

Hello again ..
matshof shar enshalah Mesaed ..

by the way , i wonder why you say my name as Badoor not Bedoor ? 😛
bas keep it o like it .. Badoor
at times i’ve been called Badoori so its ok .. Badoor is way to cute than badoori 😛

take care of ur self and if you need help just ask ..
get well soon .
why does it hurt first place ? what did you do ?
did you carry a heavy thing ? ALI ? >8P
matshof shar enshalah ..
o c u around .

13. deera chat family - July 23, 2007

Thank you, well check it out )

14. Nora-Cassandra - July 24, 2007

That is a good point to what you mentioned about the flyers and how people react with them! It’s the same thing here in Cyprus, but thank god they don’t do it to our cars when we go church! But it still happens every where else! I’m the one who takes it in then through it a way later with the rest of the trash! But yes I do see floors full of flyers and I keep telling my daughter how ugly that is and those people have not been taught good manners by keeping the streets and the world clean!

Your first point I understood! But if you ever see me in a coffee shop or any restaurant I might look as most elegant lady you have ever seen, but if I feel like pulling my legs up on the chair I will! So many times I had my feet on my husband’s leg on the opposite chair in a very high style coffee shop and sometimes he would even be massaging my feet! Yes people look but I’m one of those who don’t care! I did love the lay back in the cafes in Kuwait, but we have only coffee shops around here!

Your second point when you said it’s always men! Is it really like that now?? I used to be in those cafes and yes mostly men but I’m sure I did find few women around every now and then!

Third point… I have been in the fanciest coffee shops around Finland and Cyprus with about 7-10 people with me! It might be different in Kuwait but I would pull 2 tables and fix the together to fit me and my friends on them! But well I can’t tell how it is in Kuwait!

Fourth point… I do agree with you totally!

Fifth point… Can’t comment because we only have coffee shop styles and 98% of them with big menu!

Sixth point… Price always affects! So I will agree with you!

I remember how difficult was it to find a nonsmoking in any restaurant or café about 10-15 years ago! So yes I agree with you on your last point 100%!!!

I do miss cafés here; we have pubs that’s closest we have to the cafés atmosphere!!

15. sar7an - August 26, 2007

Hey there Ali and Msa’ed. Once again you nailed it by picking a great topic.

My opinion is that Cafes are the best places a Kuwaiti guy (like me) would want to go to whenever he’s in Kuwait. Freedom, ra7at bal, great food, freedom and even more freedom.

Even though starbucks and other coffee shops are available everywhere in the U.S, it never had the same feeling when you visit a coffee shop in Kuwait. I appreciate the freedom of looks and fashion in the U.S, but come on! I wish if the ladies were more concerned and fashion-wise. Therefore, Kuwait rules in both Cafes and coffee shops.

Thank you again ew ma tshoof shar msa3ed

16. Deera Chat Family - August 26, 2007

totally agree on the ladies part hahaha

17. Very.Q8ya - September 14, 2007

why going there? what for?
i have coffe in my house, i have the best view ever by looking at my parents and baby brother

i hate cafes and coffe shops, is it only me?!

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