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Hats off for Mishruf Co Op July 16, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in chat.

I was most pleased with my visits to Mishraf Co Op. What I liked the most was their parking building, very nice, shaded, and convinantly placed near the Co Op, I was even more surprised that its free of charge. It shows how intelagent the management team are to come up with such a good solution with a very little space.

it got better when I notice that between the parking building and the Co Op there is a blocked street with a manned gate at its entrance, garanteeing that this gate can only be opened for handicapped person. this is a very convienant solution for handicap parking and can not be abused by those of low moral standards.

I wish other Co Op can look at this as a the perfect example of what a really good and responsible thinking can achieve. well done



1. Bashar - July 16, 2007

Mishref co-op is really nice, but I had one real bad experience there. Many will not believe the story as I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I saw it, but it raises the flag how careful we are about what we eat.

I was going to buy some veges from there when I saw the cleaning boy spraying the fruits with what seemed like insect spray. That’s right, it’s what we call FLEET or Pif Paf!. I was shocked and asked, is that Fleet??? Yes he said! I told him you are spraying fruit with FLEET? Looked at a man nearby buying bananas and asked… You are really buying from here? I immediately left and went to the manager inside the co-op and told him, your guys are using Fleet on veges.

Say what! he said. I said YES, FLEET! When he went there and ofcourse he could smell it, a stupid egyptian guy jumped and said, this is air freshener!!! I don’t know why those people love to lie that much. I saw it, the clean boy confirmed it… and you can still smell it! What the heck are you lying for? They seemed to underestimate the matter as it’s something normal. Tells you how often they did it before.

Anyways, the manager told me we are kicking this guy out immediately. That’s what he said. It’s sad to cut someone living, but I would never forgive my self if another guy gets poisoned because I didn’t alert them.

Ever since then, buying fruits from there is not something I want to do.

2. Deera chat family - July 17, 2007

indeed a shocking story, but I think you did the right thing when you compliant, that what we mentioned in our customer care episode, and because you complain, they are a better place for it.

welcome back!

3. Bashar - July 19, 2007

UPDATE: I figured the mystery behind the gate for handicapped parking. It’s actually Wasta parking with handicapped brand for diversion. I saw a car coming inside, a perfectly healthy lady came out of the car and I could not see any handicapped sign on the car.

Phewwwwwwww… for a minute I thought this country is turning into civilized one or something. But naah… was just a dream 🙂

TIK: This Is Kuwait

4. moodo - July 20, 2007

hey there..
i just want to point out, that the word “handicapped” origonaly meant people who used to hold their caps in their hands begging people for money..
so i prefer to use the word “disabled people” or “poeple with special needs” instead of handicapped…
thanks ..

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