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Save Save Save July 5, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in lifestyle, Podcast.

Kuwait’s National Energy Efficiency Project has been doing a great job showing people of Kuwait the carelessness of their power and water usage. The question here wasn’t this program supposed to start 10 or 5 years ago to avoid such power crisis? or we just wait til “الفاس يطيح بالراس” to do something? well listen to this show this week and let us know what you think



1. Jacqui - July 5, 2007

Stealing blog designs is not cool 🙂 Totally not cool.

Launching it a few days after I decided to choose a “unique” theme is not even that cool.

2. Deera Chat Family - July 6, 2007

we changed the look of our blog in april!!
so shame on you … by the way the concept behind open source stuff … for people to share and sharing is good!!!
anyway glad you liked it

3. Mr.M6anesh - July 7, 2007

In form of me ,,, I accept to expand your pipe from Qatar to Q8 across my home.
الله يعينكم حبايبي

4. Mr.M6anesh - July 7, 2007


5. BedOor - July 7, 2007

6aaaa6 6aaaa6 3ashaaaw el mash-horeen 😀
shlooonkom ? misss you waaaayed 😀

the topic now…walaah for me i was ok with that from years .. i guess i was raised in this way .. closing lights when not needed .. but as for the AC .. its open all day all year .. maybe only in the few winter days we have here in kuwait .. but its not our fault as ppl .. ( well not all of us ) but gov. should’ve start yeaaaaars ago and have it as their future plan.. not future surprises .. :S

in work ..walah i walk there and close up lights .. in my work place they open the lights from 7 or lets say 6 till i dont know when .. i stay at work till 3:30 but its still open ! although the leaving time accourding to government sector is 1:30 . and when i leave i switch off all the lights .. and when ever im asked the usuall/daily question : WHY ? (laish) ?
i say : من حبنا لها انوفر لها 😛

waalaa el room ele fe el dawaam 3ende ele mo ra’6en y36ooni eyaha office o ga3da 9arlaa 3 months o mako office .. o ehya mashbooba laitaaat-ha ( men gal menqahra ) :'((((

thaaanks alot 3ala el episode 😀
o walah yarait yesm3onkom ele fe dawamna o kel el dawamat ele bel denya ele ehya etgol tarshed o ohma akthar 9arafeen kahraba ( 7ilwa 9arafen ;p )

o etha a7ad 3enda wa’6efa private sector 7agy egoli la2ana government is killing me .
i can be good at everything i get so dont worry.

o thanks o salamatkom o et3eshon .

6. "GreY" - July 7, 2007

What happend to the good ol saying ” It’s never too late”? I mean though the Energy guys are well behind the years but its not late . Instead of pointing fingers we should contribute a little everyday !

7. Deera Chat Family - July 8, 2007

Mr: M6anesh:
thanks man 🙂 will give them your address 🙂

good for you, actuallly you brought a very good point, lets of people still dont care, there is a sense of carelessness about this issue, but not with you. and we are upset with you for not writing for movie chat 😦 (kidding)

thanks for writing, as we mentioned, it is good to start practicing this habit of saving, but the cause need to be addressed as well, we need to save because we want to not have to. we are on the back foot when it comes to development, but we should be when it comes to basic needs.

8. BedoOr - July 8, 2007

Dear My Family ,
yeah i know im a good person . bas mali 7a’6 :/ hehe
anyways thanks for agreeing with me 😉

Dear My movie chat Family ,
dont be upset , i know im not as i used to be first commenter ( evil eye got me i guess ;p ) kidding .

dont be upset .. here’s a BIG FAT HUG .
enshalah i’ll comment soon .. i have my comment saved but i didnt continue the episode that’s why i didnt comment yet .
SMILE now ..

9. SilkRoad - July 15, 2007

Indeed, the campaign has been proving so effective that the we don’t need to install so much extra capacity compared to planned. See today’s article at Kuwait Times
I think prices should go up dramatically to reflect the cost. The Ministry of Energy should also go out and collect unpaid bills. Then people will discipline themselves and turn off the AC when they don’t need it

Exchange ideas at http://www.bordercrossed.comA traveler trying to cross national, cultural, and ideological borders

10. Deera chat family - July 16, 2007


thank you for your comments, though I think there are other ways then pricing, like monitoring, if a household just above average it warned, then if continues, disconnected, what do you think?
welcome aboard, and keep listening

11. Fathia - July 17, 2007

Please read the poeme of Ali Alsabtee published inالراي newspaper on 12 july
after receving a call for the ministry he worte the following :
هاتــفـتـني بــرقة ودلال فانتشى خاطري وضج خيالي
قلت مادا تريدي في سماعة الظهر وريح الشمال تشوي عقالي
من ترى حرك المشاعر فيها؟ وتـفاجأت من لهيب المقال
أنا منــدوبة لأرشد قومي ليظل البراد بعد الزوال
طاقة الكهرباء تشكو اضطهادا فارحموها لتنعموا بالوصال
قلت لبيـــك غير أن سؤالا مند عامين يـستـفز احتمالي
مالنا كلما تــنور صيـف هددونا بالحر والغربــــال
قة الأرض في ازدياد كبير بينما الكهرباء في اضمحلال
أتــرانا من سوء الاستعمال قد ابتلينا أم من قصـور الـرجال
He said short and clear in the last two words.

12. Deera Chat Family - July 17, 2007


thank you for that 🙂

13. SilkRoad - July 17, 2007


Agreed – warning of cut will really deter people from overusing electricity. I don’t want to provoke a debate, but maids are also to blame

They can save a lot if they want to, especially during the day when the whole family is outside. They can leave the AC on only in the room they’re in

Threatening to cut supply will force the head of household discipline themselves, and their maids

Exchange ideas at http://www.bordercrossed.comA traveler trying to cross national, cultural, and ideological borders

14. Nora-Cassandra - July 23, 2007

I was so proud to read the Article through your site! I was so happy and I do think you guys deserve it!!! 😉

In Finland as I know it has been always taught at schools to save! We have so much fresh the most amazing water I have tried in the world tat would last for hundreds of years to come! But then again they are still taught how to save it! We close the lights not just so we would get a lower electricity bill but also we were taught to do that! We were told that all this waited energy and water will just affect badly the atmosphere and will cause more problems to the global warming!

Now here in Cyprus it’s very similar to how I remember Kuwait! It’s sad to see that the guy is sitting and not doing anything for forgotten running water that he could just get up take few steps and close it! I see houses with all the lights on when the owners are sitting outside on the porch! It’s heart breaking!

I understand spending electricity for air-conditioning because of the heat there! I never understood why all lights open while we all were sitting in the living room!!?? Why a two floor house has five TVs all open at the same time and 3 at least have the same channel? And as you said! Why is it now when the government is saying that you are having a problem then why they don’t make the ministries and the government sectors to show they are doing something about it too!

All what you said seems good from the government side! But to be honest how mach difference you have noticed since they put the meter on the TV??

In my opinion the only way is to teach children how to save… save… save… But with adults it’s too late! They haven’t changed by seeing the world falling apart from global worming; they won’t change if a dead cow falls on their door steps! The only way to change is teach the young generation and it’ll be 10 years for things to start working right!

15. مها - August 3, 2007

ana agol lo al7komah sm3t klamkm o 6ft 3/4 lights fee almbani al7komiah o private company after edwamat plus ta5th elflos ally g6tha eb 7mlt ( mn 7bna laha ” alfashlah”) chan bnt m76h ydidah eb 1 month..
o tara ana ma a9dg al3dad .. looooooooooooooool mako me9dagyah

16. Deera Chat Family - August 5, 2007

wala kalamij sij ya maha …. tisirin momathilat il deera chat fil 7koma?

17. Raja - August 7, 2007

3adad il 7arara dayman darajtah less than the real. 3adad il kahraba ya3ny sij? khal il 7okoma tkoon saree7a bkil shay 3alashan nsadig 🙂

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