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Why don’t we read?!?! April 26, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in culture, Podcast.

we all talk about how reading is good for the person’s knowledge, personality, and and and and … but you rarely see people reading?? is it because we too good to read? is it because we know everything?? or is it because we just too lazy to read?

kuwait reading bookworm

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1. atsooo - April 26, 2007

good morning boys. It is a really nice topic. KEEP IT UP 🙂

المشكلة مثل ما قال امساعد ، المجتمع الل يحولك ،ايساعدونك او يوقونك عن القرائة. انا من الناس ما بديت اهتم بالقرائة الا بعد ما دشيت الجامعة و بديت اسمع محاضرات الدكتور طارق سويدان عن القرائة و الثقافة و اهميتنا لنا و مجتمعنا. و لكن مع مرور الايام بديت “ابرد” من هذي الهواية خصوصا بعد الزواج. فقلت وايد عندي هذي الهواية. وحتى الربع اذا قعدت وياهم تلقاهم كل همهم ال
computer games
series (like lost and ets..)
فئذا اللي حولك ما يقرون اتتأثر مباشرة فيهم

و بالتوفيق انشاء الله

انزين ليش ما اتسوون موضوع عن ال

bloggers, and the difference between diffirent providers (like wordpress and my space and “the calssic” blogger)

good luck

2. BeDoOr - April 26, 2007

Hellooooo …
i knowww Mesaed how it feels when you’re all lonely and a bit like bord and all of a sudden you get so important laa o b3ad ppl get mad at you o ezefonik if you’re like having another call and didnt reply to their sms .. y3ne its either im all left alone .. or im just so important ! .. 😦

as for reading .. i love reading.. but well .. i read novels and stories .. just to reflect some side of my life that could be similar to the story im reading .. and i read to have more vocab. and phrases that for sure riches ones language..

and as for reading something i really like , magazines about photography cuz photography is a feild where its always and daily updated .. so buying a book about photography can be at times a waste of money and like effort .. cuz at the end of the book you’ll be having old informations cuz its always something new out there .. and like Ali started with something small about 50 or 100 pages .. and for sure … Designs , Graphic designs books ..the kind that i really enjoy ..

actually this episode came in the right time for me ..
few days ago i started reading a new book i got from Jarer Bookstore .. and i cancled plans of cafe yesterday cuz simply i didnt feel like going .. and i sat at home and read..

and according to maktabat ehne in kuwait .. you’re right .. both of you .. that ehne mako like a nice place where you can go get a book and before buying it you just sit and read few pages and then get it .. its so nice walah . bas mako ela virgin and i have to stand up the whole time and its not so comfy .. if i have like 2 books in mind and im finding related topics to each one .. personally i dont feel ina its nice

i like Jarer Bookstore here in kuwait .. although its not so updated with design books .. you mainly get 2 or 3 books about graphics .. or like tips and trics but its so organize that you wont need to ask the workers there where is this book… chena yabela today i go there O_o ..

and that’s it .. loved the episode as always ..
you rock when you come to new topics … i like the effort you put in the deera chat to slightly change .. or try to change the way things goes in this country .. i like .. and im in .. i like change 😀

alaah ekather men amthalkom ..
o enshalah all the best to you both
Keep smiling and have fun always .

p.s : ALI et9adeg last week i saw this book you told us about .. its the one with an green apple and from the inside its an orange .. sa7 ?
bas i didt get it 7asafa madre ena 7ilo LOl .. i read few pages and like flip some other maybe bas sadly qayart rayii o ma akhathta i got 2 other books instead…there is always a next time 😉
Thanks alot .

3. BeDoOr - April 26, 2007

old information .. and not informations ! ..
my bad *covers her face*

4. admin - April 26, 2007

Dear Bedoor:
thanks for your wonderful comment,
sooo true at not answering a phone call when you r on another call hehehehehe
and yeah we noticed the nice words u use when you comment … and yes it does increase your vocab and the way you word your sentences
by the way … you didn’t post anything new in your flickr for a while … YOU MUST !!!
WOW … nice improvements … hope it lasts when it comes to books … inshallah mo bas habba oo ta6feen ba3din
there is no were COOL you can go to chill and read and have fun at the same time … i remember back in the States … we always used to go to Borders and Barns and Nobel’s to just read for few hours and man i really enjoyed it and wish we have something like that here in Kuwait
Thanks sooo much for your support, we really appreciate your participation and make sure it lasts 😉 have a nice weekend
yeab you r right about the book … you really should get it, very nice book

5. BeDoOr - April 26, 2007

i was first to comment .. mo 3adil ! :/ hehehehehe yeah i know im being a baby about it .

thanks Ali and mesaed again .. la o enshalah mo habba aked .. i like and enjoy reading alot walah …
and i updated my flickr yesterday .. but nothing special i know .. and its been a while i took pics .. bs inshalah i will soon .. you too Ali update ur flickr account 😉

you too enjoy the weekend .. remember me always 😛 ..
and about my weekend i guess its mainly being home i guess .. no plans so far … anyways .. enjoy yours and smile a big extraordinary one ;D

enshalah will get the book .. i got attracted by the cover that’s why i remembered it as soon as you said it ! hehehe

6. The GodFather - April 26, 2007

Guys good as always. Just wanted to say prior to even have Hamad carried his paper and pen; we must mention that the very first word in the first verse in the Holy Quran was “READ”. Thanks

7. Deem - April 26, 2007

Well for me, I do read alot and I’m not a TV person! But it became a habit cuz since we were kids, one of my father rules was to read from 4-5 daily (ghasban 3anna lazim negra),, o mo bs chthy we had to finish the book in a month, o kanoo kotob kbaar for kids!!

So al7een laman kebarna,, sarat routine 3endena enna we read! and I do enjoy it…

So I think enna law el parents 3endna y3almoon their kids mn ohma sghaar 3la elreading, khalaas betseer habit 3endhom…

8. Miss-Sara - April 26, 2007

Hi 🙂

I think mashaallahh everyone added a comment that says everything (kaffaw o waffaw) 🙂
I just wanna add something, I wish everyone reads Holly Quraan “daily” ..read it and understand each word, read il tafseer there is one tafseer “safwat altafaseer” it’s easy and it explains everything.

I also recommend everyone to read “zawjat alnabi” for alsheikh m7amad mitwali alsha3raawe “allah yaghfirlah”.


9. shosho - April 26, 2007

Weeee, you reminded me of “The Historian”, I read a few chapters and then dropped it and for some reason I moved on to read other books and totally forgot about it!!!! I think the imbedded stories follow the original “Dracula” which is narrated through more than one narrator.

As for your topic, I was surprised that you didn’t mention blog reading & writing!!! There are blogs that offer serialized stories, which if binded together, will make up a novel. A bestselling novel “Belle de Jour” (not sure of the name) was initially a blog, also let’s not forget Salam Pax’s blog which was published became a book , and the same goes for “Baghdad Burning”. And this brings me to my question:

You mentioned that reading has been replaced by other activities (tv…etc) but isn’t it possible that it can have a come back through new activities (blogging)?

10. BeDoOr - April 27, 2007

i once went to an election talk .. مقر انتخابي
and this Guy said .. :
“السبعينات علموهم بالمدرسة
مع حمد قلم
لكن بعدين صار الدرس الاول: انا اكل و اشرب لاعيش و اكبر
ماعلمونا انا ادرس
انا ازرع
انا اكتب
لا بس انا اكل و انا اشرب”

just thought of it .. and when i heared it the first time it moved something in me .. cuz sa7 .. i must school didnt make me love reading ..
family and home made me read .. and ofcourse .. me finding fun time in reading something i like to know more about .. was a part of the whole thing ..


11. ray - April 27, 2007

i do agree ma3a wanting more libraries and more places suitable for reading…

i just realized that i love my mommy so much… she’s the reason why i love books that much, she keeps 2-3 books around her all the time and when she goes some where, she takes them with her and we all took this habit from her mashallah 3aleiha…

12. MOODO - April 27, 2007

hey there..
the way i see it …now adays we have alot of visual equalizers to reading …for example in stead of reading about hitler..i can watch a documentary about him with visual illestrations..
instead of spending 4 days reading “a time to kill” i can watch the movie in 2 hours and enjoy looking at sandra bullock..

13. admin - April 27, 2007

sorry for not responding to your comment first … i just didn’t see it!!
anywho … society doesn’t support individual activities here and in the gulf region. one thing you can do find yourself some alone time and associate reading with it … for example everytime i go to the gym i take a magazine and read while doing cardio …
thanks for suggesting the topic, i’ll talk to musaed about it … keep it up and wish you all the best 🙂

14. admin - April 27, 2007

no no no you were not the first comment … ASTOO was, his comment was the first but didn’t show because it went to moderation

The GodFather
thanks, totally right … and that should be an inspiration for you and me to read more 😉 thanks again for the comment

wala it is great that you read alot and i have to ask you this … WHERE DO YOU READ? is it home or you have a designated place for this purpose? if so let us know 😉
and man thats a great way of teaching to read which is FORCE hehehe to finish the book in a month, o kanoo kotob kbaar for kids!!
wala i think what your father did was great and it is one of the ways … pretty sure there are many ways …
thanks again and wish you luck in what is remaining of the weekend

may be in few years it will be ana al3ab PS3 or WII

see thats another parental reason why you read … it plays a big role in our behaviors, glad you are a reader and wish the reading community is increasing where you’ll take over the hobbies community one day

actually i have to agree with you on the Sandra Bullok point … through my reading experience books were much better than the movies made take the Davinci Code movie and compare it to the book … THERE IS NO COMPARISON!

15. Deera chat family - April 28, 2007

when it comes to books, you are going for the source material, with Documentaries and movies, its the bits and choices of the scrip/screen writer.

I was there at Anebari election center when I heard that too, lucky u, u were setting inside

16. Deera chat family - April 28, 2007

Dear All:
we encourage you to participate in the poll question which we change weekly, it give us a good feedback on topics. poll question is on your right side, scroll down. thanks

17. eshda3wa - April 28, 2007

the quraan started with EQRA2
so that should tell u alot

this is a crack in our educational system

i was fortunate enough to go to a school where reading was encouraged to no end

we had daily reading books since first grade
and reading competitions

circle reading in class

and my dad being a book lover himself used to buy me books sit me on his lap and have me read outloud to him
my reading level surpassed everyone in my grade
my vocabulary was far more extensive

and i carry that love with me till this day, when i was younger if my mom wanted to punish me she would say ” no reading for two days!” ide cry for hours then sneak a book into the bathroom

i met so many ppl that told me they never read a book, and that totaly shocked me! cz man r they missing out, ide pick a book over a movie anyday

i also started a little library, only for family members to encourage my little cousins to read, at first i had to bribe them
i did some activities like the reading circle in my old school
and after a while i did not need to bribe them anymore, they come begging me for a book to read!!

great work guys
keep it up

18. Nora-Cassandra - April 28, 2007

You guys are so funny!!

I don’t know why is it in Kuwait it was a problem for people to read or liking reading! Here in EU or I’ll say in Finland everyone almost reads!

I think it comes also from the parents! Here children see their parents reading, for them and also alone by them selves!

My daughter is 7 and she reads more than me! Since I left Fin when I was 7 and lived in Kuwait I did get bit difficulties in reading! I did read more than usual Kuwaitis, but I do have a problem with concentration! So I do know that is another problem in reading!

I always think that a good book is better than a good movie! I’ll say that you get your own imagination to put the pictures to your book! You get your own movie in you head! That’s also I think gives the problem of getting disappointed of a movie because you have read the book and you had a lot more expectation of the movie!

My mum was took her few years to allow my sister to watch the Harry Potter because as my sister who was 8 or 9 then has read the books and by watching it my mum thought it’ll destroy her imagination!

I think that the individuality is a big problem in Kuwait! Not many could do anything alone! I did know few who were able to do that! But really few!

If you go to any library in Finland you would find hundreds of people so quite reading! And we have every day different hours in those libraries reading hour for the kids! There are few guys and ladies that read for children that sit there in a group so quite and listening!

Listening is a problem in Kuwait as well! A child does not sit to listen for 1 hour easily for any reason! I remember the problems at schools of children to listen in the class even! I don’t read that often but when I hold a book I go finishing it! But it has to be interesting book!

I do think an audio book might be a good thing for many people who can’t start reading!
I’ll go and check the Historian! 😀

19. Bashar - April 28, 2007

Thank you very much for this topic. Very interesting and important issue.
High school days, books were nightmare to me no matter what. College days, I ordered my first books on programming. I then started getting wider range of books about computer networks, systems, security etc. Then one day, friend of mine introduced me to book that have removed the borders of what I read. Business At The Speed of Thought for Bill Gates. Good for business, technical, and inspiration.

Now I find it hard to resist book shopping temptation. I read about computer, self improvement, biography mainly, in addition to various topics I read on the internet. It is reading at the end. I never read comics or novels though. I cant read for long time. I just love reading for the outcome of it, not for the sake of reading it self.

The problem I face is the peace and quite to read. It’s either so early in the morning, or late at night. But when I’m sleepy, I don’t like to read I’d lose focus soon.

20. admin - April 28, 2007


i envy you for going to school that encourages reading where our public schools never mentioned anything about reading
and again parental encouragements play a big role in making a reading generation
and WOW for the no reading punishment!! good idea hehheeheh
and man i think we should start a reading circle … how about that … i think it would be a good idea …

glad you liked the episode … you i the same thing happened to me back in germany … i stayed there for almost a year and man i was reading like there is no tomorrow but when i came back, i would hardly pick up a book … i think it all comes back to the way people behave around you … specially i don’t have any reading friends excpet musaed !!!
and you are soooo right about indiviality in Kuwait … it doesn’t exist and if it does it is not considered good!!
you also have to go check freakeconomics 😉

see the type of you books you select play a big role in your reading habits … of course if you ask me i wouldn’t go for cooking or sports books, NO WAY in hell heheheeh, and man if you can’t read for too long i highly recommend businessweek …. they have GREAT ARTICLES, also they just released a book series about their cover stories divided into their categories, they just started with marketing, leadership, and innovation. “i just them today hehehe”

21. BeDoOr - April 28, 2007

Deera chat Family :
YES i was inside 😀
and it was so nice being there …
ayam !

22. BeDoOr - April 28, 2007

why dont we make a book chat ? ..
where like we have a book of the month .. and then we go read it .. and like have a date to have an episode about it ?

will it work ? ..
its gona be monthly . each month we have a book and like start reading it .. and when the episode is posted you guys say what you think .. and then we’ll comment on it ..

23. admin - April 28, 2007

you know what bedoor… it seems like you read my mind hehehe … we are brainstorming it now heeheh

24. BeDoOr - April 29, 2007

afa 3alaick .. im always thinking what is best for my family 😀
i like “brainstorming” ;D
all the best inshalah

25. lulu - May 20, 2007

Thanks alot about ur important topic…I want a little help if u please…I need a good site for reading short english stories…
Thanks again…..

26. Deera Chat Family - May 21, 2007

ummm … good site for reading short English stories … may be you’ll have to buy them … i don’t think you’ll get anything for free!! unless you use bittorrent which we talked about how to use in one of the previous episodes TV SHOWS DOWNLOAD NOW http://www.deera-chat.com/2006/12/14/tv-shows-download-now/

and some of the sites that i googled are :
1- http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/
2- http://www.bnl.com/shorts/

if i find something else i will let u know

27. Deera Chat Family - May 21, 2007
28. najla - February 17, 2008

انا صراحة مرره احب القراءه كثيير
وتعلمت شلون اقرا واكتب قبل لا ادخل المدرسه كان عمري حول 5 سنين
كنت دايم اشخص عليهم واقرا الجريده بالمقلوب اوريهم اني اعرف اقرا 😀

كان اخوي -اكبر مني بسنه-يناديني اقراله لأنه ماله خلق يقرا

كنت انا والقراءه اصحاب الين تقريبا فتره المراهقه
يعني على 16 و17
ماكان في شي
intresting to read
وبالذات طبعا لان لغتي الانجليزيه ماكان قويه ابداا
فماكان فيه مجال الا اني اقرا عربي
لاحظت الكتب يااما اطفال
يااما حق كبار
مافي شي حلو للبنات المراهقات
something we can relate to
وحتى لو كان فيه ماكان فيه توجيه ابدا
لا في البيت ولا في المدرسه
كنت كثيررر كثيررر اروح المكتبه ادور ادور بين الكتب
ولا القى شي
وارجع لقسم المجلات
يعني مشكله بصراحه
الحين بديت شوي ابدا اقرا انجليزي
الهدف ماكان الاستمتاع كنت بس ابي اقوي لغتي الانجليزيه
واكتشفت متعه كبيييييييره بالكتب الانجليزيه يعني فررق هاائل عن العربي
مالاحظتوا اي روايه عربيه لازم يصير لها علاقه بالتاريخ؟
يعني فتح واستكشاف
طيب واللي مايحب التاريخ؟
وش يسوي

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