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Why we hate living in Apartments? March 22, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in culture, Podcast.

you live in an apartment?? eeeewww

thats the kind of the face expression you get when people know you live in an apartment

there so many factors that play in this rejection, Listen to us and you’ll find out why 😉



1. Ebrahim - March 22, 2007

ee mashro3 ilsheqa naje7 o 5a9atan bil kuwait cuz il3aqar se3ra mertefe3 wayed,, o 3ala 7asab mad5ol,, o mala da3ii mogazafat eb groo’6 o 3awar galb,, etc..
5oosh maw’5o3 deera;) o mabrok 3ala ilnew website:) o ilnew theme,, 😀

thanks for your comment and welcome on board, actually living in apartments is a new concept in our culture where alot of youngsters are moving into apartments now but married couples and families usually prefer houses becuase of the reasons we mentioned in the episode.
thanks again for the comment and make sure you mention us to your friends 😉

2. Faisal Husain - March 23, 2007

I’m the first 🙂
nice episode and I don’t mind to live in an apartment if it’s OK and I don’t have a busy family. and mmmmm….. nice picture 🙂

well i moved things around and your comment came in second … sorry for that and please focus on your studies instead of surfing the internet … later bro 😉

3. Kthekuwaiti - March 23, 2007

You guys need new equipment .. the only reason I don’t listen to podcast is because I can barely understand what your saying!

we are trying our best here man and yeah the sound quality is coming next … i don’t think it is that bad but there is always room for improvement … thanks for your concern

4. nq - March 23, 2007

are u kidding? I LOVE APARTMENTS!!! its the new thing, everybody should get rid of their houses and live in apartments!

for singles yeah it is the new thing here in Kuwait and man i love apartments … you have your own personnel space and you can do whatever you want and enjoy your life 😉
thanks for you comment and welcome on board

5. princess - March 23, 2007

ok abt the car thing, it surprises me but then i feel ina its so cute and nice lana u know its abt time hehehhehe, but yeah awal reaction dayman iykoon surprise, and LOL at the shaqa factor, i personally love apartments, houses are too isolated, not that I’m so in love with my neighbors, the apartment is cozy compact, and homier, when i get my own place, i definitely want an apartment and u guys r funny, this is the first time i listen to u guys but not the last 😉

ooh you have a different opinion here … you should check what Gasheema was saying down there and yeah agree with the surprise thing hehehehe
thanks for your comments and welcome on board .. we love to hear from you again …

6. Bedoor - March 23, 2007

Faisal Husain : far7aaan awee yakhooya ? .. hehe 😛 bel 3afya 3alaick Number 1 comment .. just dont do it again :@ :PpP

about the woman Driving and not the man … yemken ohwa ta3ban or having some eye sight problem .. y3ne he’s human fa 3ady .. or maybe he’s a lousy driver and the woman is just so good * yeah i wish * .. LOL …. ana akhaleha le’6orof .. ohhh and yemken she loves him and adores him soooo much that she doesnt want him to drive and like get tierd of driving * ya 3aini 3al 7ub*
as i said akhaleha 7ag ‘6rofhom and its ok ..
i personaly cant stand anyone driving and im like sitting next to them or at the back seat .. i go dizzy e9ara7a :”S fa mashof feha y3ne zyada leregola wela naq9 fe rgolta ..

i dont mind living in an apartment a neat one and so clean * not the one in the pic* :PpP no offence Ali *hug* hehehe ..
i thought my room is the smallest room ever .. but i changed my mind now 8p
walah i liked the way you compared homes and appartments .. kha9atan lama tsme3on the fight LOL :PpP

ehne bel kuwait ma7ad yer’6a yetnazaal oo * mal 3amik layhimik* .. thak men thak ele e7afe’6 3ala mokanna .. bas on the other hand .. ako sheqaq its like being in a side fe el home nafsa .. like you can have the whole floor for you .. and you’ll be like living in a flat bas yemken better cuz its kinda 3endik jeranick Max 2 o 3 families ..
يعني الاهل يبنون شقق حق اعيالهم و على ما يكبرون اعيالهم ياجرون على اعيال الناس اللي يدورون مكان
o its a good thing e9ara7a ..you’ll be living in a family enviroment bas you have like ur own floor and all … and its a good business for the families . sa7 dr.Borashid ? 😉

i dont mind living in an appartment when i get married .. but aked i live in it with the hope and the effort of having the home enshalah … kel men yabe el a7san for him/her family later on but kel shay yabela 9aber in this country…

thanks great episode 😀

7. Nora-Cassandra - March 23, 2007

I feel so happy if I see that in Kuwait! My husband always wants me to drive, and MAN I love driving. I think it’s a respect and trust from the man to his woman to let her or asks her to drive.

I lived in a huge house when I was in Kuwait (my father’s). In Kuwait it was so normal, but then in Finland they were so amazed how everyone in Kuwait could have those big villas!

Here in Cyprus it’s the same as in Kuwait; people are brought up in houses. Now slowly you start seeing people buying apartments, but the strange thing is: they buy the apartment thinking that after 10 years we could rent it and get a house.

I personally think it doesn’t matter. I won’t go over my head financially to buy a house, so I won’t mind an apartment. I’m happy my husband thinks the same. I respect the people who don’t care about other people and what they say and think, and just do what they believe is better for themselves and their family!

It’s true in Kuwait when you live in an apartment you’ll be seeing your neighbors more, and has to be more quit and aware of all noises! The way every one will hear everything goes on behind the walls!

I didn’t know that you didn’t have the building’s keeper or a company that is responsible about the apartments! In Fin we still pay a very reasonable monthly prize for the company or the building’s care taker. It’s usually something like 100-150 euros a month. So every year that money will be put to fix the building. As you said painting, fixing and get the lift serviced! Lamps changed and so on! I think it’s fair! And maybe in Kuwait it will be a good idea if the residents of the building get together and agree on such small company made by them just to keep their life easier! I don’t know if it’ll work but this is the way we have it in most parts of Europe!

Ok you have a point with the parking! I just keep on forgetting that kids will be living with you even after 18 and 21 years! 😀 My fault I think I’ve been too long away from our culture there! But also the parking, you don’t get to buy it in Fin! It goes with the monthly payments, you rent it! So we will be able to rent 3 parking after a while if needed. Maybe not for my kids’ cars, but 2 for my and my husband’s cars, then 1 more for our motorbikes! So still when I get over 60 or 70 I might not need 3 parking places so I give a way the ones I don’t need any more and get rid of the parking rent!

Houses are expensive every where! My father put on his house there at least 400,000KD and I think that is too expensive. I won’t be doing such thing for sure!

I really think it will be a good idea if Kuwaitis actually start seeing life in more reasonable way and try to fix the problems that you mentioned that come with it!

I know I wrote a bit too much, but this was such an interesting subject! My husband had to listen to me talking about it for over an hour!! He doesn’t speak Arabic so he couldn’t listen to it!

I think you guys are so wonderful!! 🙂

8. Transparently - March 23, 2007

I love the topics you guys talk about, they’re very relevant and specific, so i want to thank you for your effort, and hope you bring more issues to the table.

I think it would be odd to see a woman driving next to her husband, but I wouldn’t think it was a bad thing, but probably a good thing. Change can be good. I wouldn’t mind it if my wife drives while I enjoy the passenger’s seat, besides they can multi task, so they can drive and talk etc 😛

About the apartment, it is a very viable option, but like you said most Kuwaitis do want their own space, their own home, because of the privacy and the feeling of ownership and having something. I would not mind living in an apartment, but I would love to have a house some day enshalla.

thanks and welcome on board … just make sure you mention us to your friends to get a wider audience base 😉
and LOOOL at the multi tasking thing … it is TRUE unless the girls checking this comment disagree
and totally agree at the ownership and more space aspects which makes kuwaiti families prefer houses over apartments and wish you all the best obtaining your house

9. eshda3wa - March 23, 2007


wain ra7at my commen!!

it was there before u moved!
what did u doOoo!!!

would u settle down already!

sorry for the trouble … I have been moving things around lately but it is for the good of our blog … we are just trying to get more and more options for you guys … so bare with us
thanks for your concern

10. eshda3wa - March 23, 2007

ok i calmed down.. im gna recomment 🙂

if i saw a woman driving and a man in the passenger seat i’d be totally surprised, cz thats not a common site, but its cool

and i have a question, whats up with guys and the front seat? why do guys have to sit in front? yan3e whenever we go out my brother HAS TO sit jidam, eventhough im older, ygole ana elrayal, so what ur gna be less of a rayal if u sit wara?
could u clear up the secret behind the seat?

i love apartments! ide take an apartment over a house any day. When i was younger we used to live bait yadity in an apartment, el7mdela nothing like the one u put a picture of. Its alot cozier and u know what everyone is doing the whole time, a7ad ydish y6la3 et7es feeh, i felt alot closer to my fam then. bs now in the house everyone has their own corner. my bro his own dowaniya, i feel alot more detached. so its apartments for me, except for the parking thing, ppl should start with underground parking

another great episode guys !

sorry again for the trouble you were facing submitting your comment … and LOOL at your brother claiming the front seat and using the man most famous phrase “It is mine coz i am a guy” lool … it never worked out for me by the way
apartments are great for single people and couples and yeah the r homier and calmer
it seems like you like having your family surrounding you all the time which apartments can provide becuase they are smaller

11. Ghasheema - March 23, 2007

a woman driving and her husband next to her….hmmmm…and a man in the manner you described…ghetra wo 3gal ow mesba7 ba3d..ow raz nafsa yem merta….I would say weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen al rejoolah 😛

be a gentleman and treat the lady right…..spoil her ya abu ghetra ow 3gal….sij reyayeeel akher zeman :PPP

and i say live in an apartment so you can hear their fight about who will drive….eh guyys 😛

I love living in apartments….except for repairs as you said

condo’s style is better…the one with the maintenance fee as you mentioned is much better…….

and apartments are definitely NOT for big families….

and you guys are so funny…ya7lelkum wallah

LOOOOL at your comment on the first part of our episode … “و شهد شاهد من اهله” hehehehe LOOL
thanks for you comment and we love hearing from you every now and then

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