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Kuwait Opera House February 22, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in culture, idea, kuwait, Podcast.

25th of Feb, a special day worth for a special episode, and this one is special. enough said

You can download the music from the extras page [ click here ]



1. Bedoor - February 22, 2007

3ageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeba el episode ..
u guys raised good points…o nice ideas .. o shay 9ig yrfa3 mstawa el art 3endena bel kuwait ..
ana men wana e9qera o ana i love el operatat , 7ada art o 7ada ta3ab o worth it kela .. tathkeron Gbl sana2 el kharaz oO shadi el khaleej .. o al7an el Qannam ? .. 9ig wow .

el maqa63 ele 7a6aitoha wayed 7ilwa o mo3abera wayed

9ig ayam gbl el 7ayat 3alemat-hom el kad o el ta3ab .. o el wife kanat ta9ber 3ala wayed ashya2 .. mo hal ayam dala3 o meya3a ! :@ .. hehe shta6ait .. bas 9ig walah 7ram she waits and waits for her husband .. akher shay 7ata mo laha el lolo ;’/…

walaah a7e6 eedi eb eedkom o agol enshalah yarab ensawe nafs hal mostawa eb operate esawona hal shabat o shabab el deera el kuwait tara ako wayed nass mobde3a eb hal majal o ela7nona o yaktebona o enraweh el 3alam ena hatha sheqel lekuwait o nas-ha .. o shofaw lekuwait shino kanat o shino 9arat ..
o el deera etha betgol 7ag a7ad 3an ay dawla .. lazm etraweeh el janeb el fanni ele feha thaqafat ahalha o shino tarekhhom .. shino a7la men operate moseqee egolena kel shay eb 9ora 7ilwa ..

walah maga9artaw .. wayed wayed 7ilwa el episode
y36eekom alf 3afyaa

alah y7afe’6kom enshalaah o egawekom yarab :))

2. Deera chat family - February 22, 2007

Badoor: thank you this episode is special one for us, it was in our minds for a long time waiting for the right time to do it, we always loved hearing these songs as they really do tell a meaningful story and the theme is so kuwaiti, it all fits perfectly. we are glad you liked it 🙂

3. BigBrain - February 22, 2007

interesting approach! where from you got the music clips?

4. Dr. Bo Rashid - February 22, 2007

Bravooooooooooooooo guys.

5. Bedoor - February 22, 2007

hiii again …

check this out guys….


and this


Thekrayat sa7 :”)

6. Nora-Cassandra - February 22, 2007

This is such a good well put idea I have heard from Kuwaitis for Kuwait!!

I would rather pay 80euros to watch that here in Finland then to watch the same European opera and stories we watch every year here! I hope you can find people that would put your idea to work!

When I was in Kuwait about 10 years ago, I always thought there was a lack of local art, even though there was the local talent!!

7. Deera chat family - February 22, 2007

BigBrain: we had this idea for awhile, spent some time looking for the right clip, hope you liked it:

Dr Bo Rashid: thank you dear Doctor, I told you it would be special 🙂 appreciate the support.

Badoor: very nice memories

Nora-Cassandra: thank you for your comment, we are actually trying to reach shadi al-khaliej to introduce the idea, at least we try to do our bit. I always imagined what would it be like to watch this live on a stage with full orchestra, it is a very moving work which is under appreciated. hopefully this would excite people about it again.

8. Nora-Cassandra - February 22, 2007

By the way!

My name is Nora-Cassandra, half Kuwaiti half Finnish (Nora). That’s why I understand Kuwaiti!! Cassandra is a Greek name my mum and dad just liked the name so I got it too!

Keep this wonderful spirit guys! Hope you could make some good changes to the beloved Kuwait!

9. Outsider - February 22, 2007

First time here….and your “Kuwaiti Opera House” episode got me more interested to check out the other episodes….great job guys…and God bless…..

10. Deera chat family - February 23, 2007

Nora-Cassandra: we where wondering about that, but we didn’t want to ask, you sensed it 🙂 thanks for sharing and listening 🙂 is it cold in Finland?

Outsider: welcome Outsider, we are glad you like the episode, we will be glad to hear your comments about the other episode, check them out

11. Nora-Cassandra - February 23, 2007

It’s between -10 and -5 these days. But it does get to -25 sometimes, and that’s just in Helsinki! In Lapland (where Santa Close comes from) it can easily get -30 to -40!! My daughter had to lick the snow from an iron fence last time we were in Lapland and it was about -30 then!! Guess what happened to her tongue?
So yes it’s cold here but my mum always says there is no such thing as bad weather but its bad clothing. I think the worst thing here is not the cold, but the darkness! We get like 3 hours of light a day, and it comes when we’re inside at work or school!
The good part is in summer time we get darkness only 2 hours a day!
You should visit some day!

12. Deera Chat Family - February 23, 2007

Nora-Cassandra: i was there two summers ago

13. Solo - February 23, 2007

Yeah, we want it. I mean, we NEED it. naby nkon 7alna 7al hal2wadim mo yegi9oon 3alaina o ye7i6oonlina cham kirsy o sitarah 7amrah o yegoloon masra7. You’re right Musaed, naby mokan kash’5a o raqy bs 7g eloperaitat o ykaffy thousands of people. O ni7tag awadim etsawwy operatat elly yaktib o elly yla77in a’3any wa6anyah 5a9atan ebhalmonasbat (25/26 February), (2 August), (hala February) o kil monasaba ensawelha operate nfs awal, tathkoron kanaw yesawon eloperaitat belmala3ib.
About ela’3any eb9ara7a mako a7la min elthona2y “Shady el5aleej o Sana2 el5arraz” a7is a’3aneehom mo2athirah wayed o etwaqif elsha3ar lama tisma3hom.
bel25eer kilina naby ela7san 7g deeratna mino elly ma yaby ya3ny.
Great job and keep it up guys 😉

14. Deera chat family - February 24, 2007

Solo: thank you, it is really not far reality and i wish it can happen, so much talent going to waste, I personally listen to these songs a lot and enjoy and feel every word, its so easy to relate to them, so easy to see and visualize, because these words are powerful, the singing is amazing, and the themes is simply Kuwaiti ba7t.

lots of people say, “no one will come to see a serious play, people just want to laugh” other would say “if you want to make money, you make junk plays”. we need to change this prospective make it known that we demand something better, this can be the beginning.

15. Outsider - February 24, 2007

Hey guys.., thanks for welcoming me in your site…

i’ve checked some other episodes and I have a suggestion for you: I thnk your episodes will be more interesting if you includ withing your “casual” chat some numbers ( statistics) from a relable source, i guess that would make your chat informative + support your position while discussing the issues, with numbers you’ll move from the total ” pure personal” opinions to a more “objective” sphere.

Bear in mind you are not only sharing your thoughts with your listeners… you are also setting an example of a fair and open minded proadcasting… This is my offer to you guys..which i am sure “…you can not refuse !” 😉

16. Solo - February 24, 2007

Yes, so many talents are wasted and that’s why talented young people emigrate to other countries because we don’t have people encourage them here. So sad! People here keep them running away and never come back.

well, people who say “no one will come to see a serious play, people just want to laugh” I say we have enough places and enough people who can let you laugh, but isn’t it time to build new and better places, something more formal? I’m sure there are many people will come to. So not all of us like to laugh all the time. Everything has a time; a time to laugh, a time to show your love to your country, and a time to show your national spirit.

And those who say “if you want to make money, you make junk plays” we don’t blame them because this is the true, and if they didn’t hear people telling that and if they didn’t see that everywhere, they wouldn’t say so.

That’s right, we need to change this to a better perspective. And I’m sure through your podcast it’s gana change. So work on it =]

17. Swair - February 24, 2007

all the old podcasts: i just liked them..

this one: the best one EVER 😀 maye it’s because i love Oldies in general, i don’t know, but still, it’s really motivating 🙂

18. Deera Chat Family - February 24, 2007

Swair: thank you very much, thats why in the post we mentioned, this one is special, I totaly agree with you, plz keep writing us 🙂

19. Bedoor - February 25, 2007

helloo again ..
just wanted to say that the last operate kuwait made for el 3ed el wa6ani .. is the one was 2001 ..
7ag 3ed el wa6ani el 40th .. o 3ed el ta7rer el 10th
the place was masra7 ga9er bayan .

esma حكاية وطن
and the Sana’a el kharaz + Shadi el khalij are the signers feh .

i just watched it all over again … i wish they can do it out side kuwait so ppl will know what Kuwait city can do and that the ppl of kuwait are talented ..
and i noticed that there are guest from outside of kuwait setting near of the royal family and they have this headset thingy so they can hear the lyrics of the music translated to them in their languages ..

y3ne still ako amal guys :))
lets work on it and inshalah hopefull one day we will be in charge of planning it … who knows 🙂

20. G - February 25, 2007

Ugh this podcast is go great, the legends that you talked about make every 5aleeji and arab proud of them.. ya36eekom il 3afya, loool wain ubooy 3ankom, he loves shadi il 5aleej to death 😛

I’m a Kuwaiti Opera house supporter 🙂

21. MAK - February 27, 2007

BIG thumbs up for you guys… I read some of the responses and I can say it “You ARE making it guys”.. The idea is great, but I believe basics need to be set before building the Opera house.. we can do with our old-fashioned general theatres for the time being, but we need to start making productions first.. we need to have several productions in place to show others that we’re serious then when we build the Opera house people will believe that it’s not just for a show or just immitating foriegners.. I think the difference here is what comes first the egg or the chicken..

keep up the good work… cheers

22. Deera Chat Family - February 27, 2007

Outsider: thank you and welcome aboard, your input is right on the money and we will sure try to do that in the future, can you advice on a good reference source?

Badoor: Dr Bo Rahid told us about it, do you think it will be any good? I totally agree, these shows need to be done on international level with a different presentation (one that does not require 1000 students 🙂

G: thank you we love it too

23. Bedoor - February 27, 2007

yeah .. you’re right .. wee need something big and extraordinary … something elegent ..
this onw had to be with 1000 students cuz wezarat el tarbeya ( ministry of education ) did it for the national day .. so y3ne it must have those tiny girls dancing .. they look so nice walah

bas if we speak international .. as you said its gona be different bas kel shay 7ilo .. khal enshof shay o ra’6een :PpP

24. Deera Chat Family - February 28, 2007

MAK: welcome back , yes we do need to have a road map so that we can seed this dream in the hearts of future artists, this way they have a goal to achieve, the building comes second, the talent and the production comes first.

Badooor: there are great ideas that involve small number of people, i have seen a few and it was amazing

25. Bedoor - February 28, 2007

yala lets make it come true … im in ;D

26. Q80-ChillGirl - March 2, 2007

This is one of the amazing episodes in my opinion because it threw on the table an issue that i am intrested in & thought of for a long while! ok lets start with the theature in Kuwait

i do miss the Arabic & Kuwaiti slang type of plays! they were really funny & do have a point, the idea of mixing ur own accent with the Arabic “فصحى” one is GREAT this is a point that you can draw a clean smile (clean meaning that you don’t have to rely on humiliating an other person to make others laugh!) although i do practice
الضغاط، لانه للاسف صار من ثقافتنا
but i try not to & do not agree to it at all, i think there are many ways we can find a smile without hurting others 🙂 i think the Kuwaiti theature lost a lot when this type of comedy that had a point was lost!

As for having an opera house, well i like a more flexible idea, a big national theature where it can host an opera or big plays. The operates that were done & Shadi Al-Khaleej sang along with Sana’a Al-Kharaaz were amazing works! truelly classy & enrich you educate you about our history

بصريح العبارة فعلا هذا نوع راااقي من الفن اللي نفتقده، شي تفتخر بوجوده و تستمتع فيه شي تحب انك تراويه للغير كويتيين علشان يعبر عن ديرتك و ثقافتك فن راقي و يستحق التصفيق بس ليته يعود! انا من الناس اللي اايد هالنوع من الفن لان الاشعار و الالحان اللي فيه فعلا جميلة و تعجبني و انا من الناس اللي لي يومك اسمع لفرقة التلفزيون اللي اعتبرهم يحملون رسالة الفن الكويتي بجمالة و اصالته

فرقة التلفزيون قطعوا شوط طويل بتعريف الناس بالمحافل الدولية بثقافة و فن الكويت كنت اتمنى ذكرهم بس الموضوع يشمل فكرة الفن الاوبيرالي فااااا مسامحتكم

الله يعطيكم العافيه امتعتوني بهالبود كاست

27. عبدالعزيز الحداد - July 12, 2007

ليس لدي تعليق على هذا الموضوع سوى الإطلاع على رسالتي، ربما هي رسالة قصيرة . لكنها تحمل بين سطورخا خبرتي بكاملها . شكراً

الكويت – 14 يوليو 2004
الأخ العزيز/ د.نبيل الفيلكاوي المحترم
رئيس اتحاد المسارح الأهلية الكويتية
تحية طيبة وبعد،،
الموضوع: المسرحية الفولكلورية “كويت الحنين” Kuwait Nostalgia
يطيب لي أن أرفق لكم موجزاً عن فكرة وأسلوب العمل المسرحي الفولكلوري “كويت الحنين”، آملاً موافقتكم لاتخاذ اللازم للبدء في تنفيذ هذا المشروع الفني الوطني التأريخي والمسرحي.

المسرحية الفولكلورية: كويت الحنين –Kuwait Nostalgia Folklore Drama:
الفكرة: مسرحية ذات قصة تسلسلية تصور أجزاء مهمة من الحياة في الكويت قبل قرن، يصحب أحداثها فنون فولكلورية شعبية بدءاً من احتفالات قدوم المولود إلى احتفالات إتمام الكتّاب واحتفالات دخول البحر ثم العودة من البحر حتى احتفالات الخطوبة والزواج وبدء دورة حياة جديدة.
المدة: 90 دقيقة.
الوصف: – قصة درامية عن حياة شاب في إحدى الأسر الكويتية بداية القرن العشرين، ودورة حياته من مولده حتى زواجه وقدوم طفلته.
– تتخلل القصة الأغاني الشعبية والموسيقى لكل مناسبة، وكافة الفنون من أغاني أطفال، رقصات العرضة والسامري والزفة وأنواع وأوزان الغناء من بحري وبري.
– استعراض أحداث تاريخية مهمة، مثال: بناء السور، المعارك البرية والبحرية، بيعة الشيوخ، الجراد والمطر الغزير والهدامة والطبعة والحرب العالمية الأولى والتموين.
– استعراض طريقة الحياة الكويتية في ذلك الزمان في المدينة والبادية.
– استعراض الأزياء الكويتية الفولكلورية لكل مناسبة.
– استعراض المهن من بحرية وتجارية وألقاب مهنية ومواسم عمل.
– استعراض الأطعمة الخاصة بكل مناسبة.
– استعراض الأدوات والمواد المستخدمة في الأثاث والطبخ والحياكة والبناء.
الأسلوب: – قصة درامية مسرحية حوارية وغنائية وموسيقية، محكمة بأسلوب رفيع.
– العمل غني بالتراث الأدبي النثري والشِعري والصورة التي تغني عن الحوار الذي يحمل دوراً مسانِداً في العمل.
– يمزج بين كافة الفنون الأدبية والشعبية ويعكس التراص الاجتماعي.
– المسرحية مبنية على قصة حب شاعرية تنتهي نهاية سعيدة.
الهدف: – توثيق فني تاريخي للكويت بما يتضمنه العمل من تصوير فترة معينة من التاريخ بكافة عناصره في الأسرة والمجتمع الكويتي بكافة أطيافه.
– تقديم المسرحية كعمل متنقل جوّال لتاريخ الكويت الشعبي محلياً وعربياً وعالمياً.
الاحتياجات: – مشاركة واستثمار أبرز الفنانين الكويتيين في مجالات: التلحين والعزف الموسيقي، الديكور، الأزياء، الاضاءة، التمثيل، الغناء، الاكسسوارات، المؤثرات،الخ، وتفعيل الفرق الفولكلورية الشعبية كفرقة التلفزيون والرندي وأولاد عامر وغيرها.

وتقبلوا خالص التقدير،،
عبدالعزيز الحدّاد

28. عبدالعزيز الحداد - July 12, 2007

على فكرة إنتيه للتاريخ، لم يأتيني الرد بعد.
عبدالعزيز الحداد

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