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I have a dream! February 8, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in culture, kuwait, Podcast.

A young Egyptian kid once told his father

why don’t we be like this kid?!
and if we decide on something we become something else in the future!!
Who do we have to blame?
ourselves? the system? our parents?
and how to fix it?
listen to this week’s episode to find out



1. Vincent - February 9, 2007

in Kuwait we dont have a guidance council. and about chances in Kuwait you don’t get it, everyone is getting cheaplabor and totally against kuwaities.

and about me majoring in Journalism and no one is intrested in giving a chance or a job. ديرة بطيخ.

2. Bedoor - February 9, 2007

Hii there

i agree with you guys about how school systems work in kuwait highschools ..

for me ..i went to collage with no CLUE about what im i gona major in .. and i loveeeeeeeeed desiging .. interior design .. but sadly that didnt open only after 1 and a half year of my studying in kuniv .. and when i went to ask about like changing my major from english linguistics to interior designs the answer was a BIIIIIIG NOO ! .. why ? bcuz .. the system wont recognise well .. i mean the computer system .. this is silly reason number 1 .. 2) bcuz i already began studying and that wont let me go to interior design collage bcuz its for the new studenst .. ( الاولوية لهم ) .. and third if i need to change that bad .. i have to drop the course and what a whoooooooole new year and then go in again with a new student number and papers and as if im going to collage all over again to just study designing ! .. they made it like HELL to me .. didnt help me .. i had to do the searching and reading about changing majors .. and they didnt even gave me HOPE about it .

and Guess what … i said Ok .. then i wont change the major khala9 .. i’ll take courses of desiging as Extra cridits … student right saa7 ? kaiiifiii i want to take extra Courses in something I ENJOOOY … and the answer was aaaa BiiiiiiG Extraa Laaaarge .. NOOO !

why ? bcuz the courses are ONLY for those who’s studying desiging .. 7ata desigining 101 .. i cant taaaake it as elective aw shay chethe :””(

i stayed at my major cuz it has languages in it and i loved learning new languges .. guess what ?! there was only german and french class .. and they say ENGLISH LINGUISTICS …

and there is the LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT .. i was think like spaanish .. italiaan … laken .. its KUNIV.

i graduated now from a major that i would not like to work with .. or maybe i will like but not enjooy working with .. so .. i taught my self graphic designing … got courses from intitutes and schools ..

and i wish every day that i would work in the feild of desiging….

and that’s even another stoorrry .. working in something like that .. for now all the places needs an academic degree in desiging .

aaah ya Galbi .. ;/////

Good night .

3. Angelo - February 9, 2007

I totally agree.

My big brother graduated high school with a science degree but when he went to college, he found out that his passion is in Marketing and being a businessman. Honestly, he admits that he was clueless when he was in high school when it comes to deciding a major, so my parents pressured him on science because it can provide the person more “profit” in the future. Now, he’s starting all over again and even though he is older than me by 4 years, we will both gain our bachelors’ next year at the same time. Talk about wasting time…

4. Shaykhspeara - February 9, 2007

You guys are hillarious wallah!

I am surprised I understood your dialect seeing as my arabic is pretty limited (I’m a non arab, 8 months studies in Syria) I think our parents generation are so drilled into the fact that you have to study “serious” subjects to get a “serious job” with a “serious” pay.

If you look at most of our societies and cultures, there is no room for following dreams because you have to get your shahada from uni, preferably as a mohandis, tabeeb or the likes (tibb al asnaan will do fine too) and then what? Marriage of course. And to marry you need loads of floos these days. So there is no element of, like we have in the west, a couple meet, they fall inlove, they build a life together, even if it means marrying simply and living in a flat with litte furniture while one studies and the other tries to make a living on his or her dream. You know what I mean? There is just no cultural allowance for it, that is if you wish to live “like others” in the society you are in.

Anyways, a point well raised! And the intro music is super fab!

5. Esra'a - February 9, 2007

You guys are great! We need more Khaleeji podcasts!

6. Bedoor - February 9, 2007


Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks 😀 * jumping up and down * 😀 .. wooohoooooooooooooo

thaaanks as soon as i come with an idea for you guys i’ll sent it to you ;D .. (o’)o o(‘o) … ;D

and about the topic .. well yeah i graduated and had the Bachelor degree in linguistics and im suuuure planing to work in private sector for suuure o 7ad el dooosa methel maygolon .. cuz im hard working person .. amot eb shay esma sheqel and if it was nice why not giving extra effort ;D .. i applied 7ag several companies and taw6een also ..and waiting .. while waiting im taking courses in graphic designs ;D and yeah im thinking of the same thing .. when i get a job enshalah .. i’ll do something else with desiging… well .. i started already ;D i designed business cards for some relatives *with good CASH * LOL ;p .. and i took courses in printed graphics too .. ;D .. y3ne ..baby steps methel maygolon ;> something to spent time with and get good information 😀

i know my last comment was too loong .. bas 7ady tethakart how i felt that time when i really wanted to join the designing major .. :”’/

bas hell with it 😀 .. im now enjoying it more cuz its without grades lool and no kuniv MEAN teachers telling me do that and do this XD *ohh yeah they’re meaaaaaaaaaan as if grades were money *

thanks alooot agaiiiin

and i’ll think of something for dera chat inshalaah ..

wish you allll best of luck .. and wish me also good luck o anqebel eb private sector inshalaah .. * its time to say ameen guys *


7. Taqo - February 9, 2007

You guys rock!

I loved this episode. Its so true.

Ana, I just graduated last year, I did adabi in highschool (against my will)

And now I’m in college..majoring in something that I have no idea WHY i’m majoring in, and 2nd term I’m switching majors.

I had dreams as a kid, though.

For a long time I wanted to be a chef. Mom thought it was cute for a while..but then as I grew older and older, and still didnt change my mind, istw3bt that I was kinda serious (for a 10 yr old :P), and she kinda knocked the idea out of my head (“I’m not paying for you to go to college to learn how to cook!” *laughs* 😐 )..lool. And there has never been anything that I really wanted to be after that really, I thought I wanted something to do with computers, but seeing that all computer majors have a lot of math in them, and I’m an adabi graduate (and really BAD at math)– no point of even thinking about that! But currently I’ve developed a slight infatuation with writing, and photography.

And of recent – I’d LOVE to major in journalism! But alas, my college doesnt HAVE a journalism major. And for right now I’m just stuck!

Anyways, sorry for the long comment/rant :$

Loving your podcasts;

Please do – KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!;)

8. Bedoor - February 9, 2007


7adick ‘6a7aaaaktnee LOOOL .. hehehehe

walaaah as you can seee im unemployed *that’s not so call and im over being happy about being in holiday * soo i get like ppl saying 3endi bday o abe posters o abe adv. for something .. shay chethe .. so its more practical for them to see the design and then print it o have it .. 😛 y3ne chethe g3da atwanas eb wakty at the same time .. well ..and yeah .. i need cash looool ;PpP .. *singing : money money money .. can be fuuunnyy * (o’)o o(‘o)

bas walaah i wasnt thinking about money at first jad .. i was doing it for ppl just to help them o bel 3aks i really reallyy enjoy it .. ele gave me money for my work were my Family and its like to encourage me in this thing :)) .. fa im not like doing it as a business from now .. laken enshalah later .. will i hate saying later i’ll say soon , its gona be official o chethe o sheqel 3adil ;D~

and yeah the past is paast .. i dont care .. bas i said it to you guys 3ashan 7ady shta6aaait ;P lol .. and well .. bas ;P

and i really wish youuuuuuuuuuuuu guys all the bestttttttttttttt

im glad i made you laugh shwayaa 😀 .. anddddd all the besssssst you rock o your ideas are so wise .. o keep it uppp ;D

i wisssssssssssh you all the besssssssssst

and do you have like … y3ne design tabona for something or you want any design ? ..

y3ne like you have the actual idea of the design wela no idea at all and i do whateve i see ? ;D ..

For freee akeedaaaaaaaaaain *incase ur asking* 😛

i’ll start thinking about it anyways o etha 3endokom idea tabon etnaf’thoonha way not .. let me try ;”> *shy*

again thaaaaaaaanks ..

o keeep it uppp ;D

9. Bedoor - February 9, 2007

thaaanks for your words .. … i thought you’re serious :/// bas anyways im still hyper and i’ll think of something ;D

and i’ll thank b3ad ‘7al msa3ad ;D

and well .. yeah you’re right about ena there are alot graphic designers .. almost all men … and enshalah i’ll come with something new one day 🙂 .. i wont stop trying what so ever ..:)

im chasing my dreams … but they’re soooo BIG .. so i’ll think BIG next time … 😀

Thanks for ur words…

and yes its for free ;P *designs for u guys :)))) *

u rock 🙂 alah ewafegkom and all the best enshalah ..

testahlon kel khair walah 3ala hal ta3ab ;>

10. Deera Chat Family - February 9, 2007

i replied to all these comments but because i deleted the post by mistake, i was only able to restore your comments ” THANK GOD”
i will reply again but tomorrow
sorry for this mistake

11. iNouf - February 9, 2007

u guyz r so CCUUTTEE !!
i just downloaded ur latest podcast, & god i luv it ,
i’ll start download all ur previous podcasts inshallah ,

and about “I have a dream” podcast. I tottaly agree with u guyz , we should have faith n our selfs , in order 2 fulfill our dreamz , wagtaha we’ll be able 2 innovate a career from it.

7ammsto0ni wallah , thanx

*I wanna link ur podcasts but I wanted 2 ask if its okay 2 link it with a different img? u knw 3shan y9er 6gm wya blogi LOL 😛
& ofcourse with ur names on it 😉

12. Deera Chat Family - February 10, 2007

– iNouf: we are now officially cute hehehehe
thanks for your comment and welcome on board 🙂
as we said before it seems like we hit a nerve in this episode and we feel good about it
feel free to link our podcast the way you like … and they way you see fit 😉

– Deera Chat Family: i have nothing to say to you LOL

– Bedoor: Thanks so much for your comments and man you really gotta share some of you un countable profits with us … i didn’t know you can make such money out of business cards lol … JUST KIDDING
by the way we checked your flickr account and you really take nice pictures

– Taqo: Thanks man, and welcome on board … lots of people have the same problem where parents come in the middle of your dreams but you have to understand that they want the best for their kids which you can’t blame them for … at the end a person can reach a point where you can make your own decisions and it seems like you reached this point, you can always practice cooking the way you see fit and the way you can also make a living out of!!
these two guys started a business making cookies … i believe everyone who has the passion can do it … so unleash your talents and start your own thing … and good luck 😉
and don’t forget to come by every Thursday for a new episode and mention us to your friends

– Esra : thanks for your comment and you too have a nice podcast … loved it … and by the way how did you come across our podcast?

– Shaykhspeara: Thanks for coming by and welcome on board 😉
if you look at the life stages our culture has set for us … it is not really bad … but you have to do a little customization that fits your needs … and i think thats what make us unique!
anyhow … a person has to fulfill his/her dreams anywhere anytime … it is all about the road you draw for yourself … no matter if you are located in a more restricted society or not!
glad you liked our podcast and wish you will keep on listening and make sure you mention us to your friends

– Angelo: man your brother has real courage to go back again to college and start a new major at his age .. i am impressed yet glad that he is doing it because that proofs how passionate he is in his dream …
good for me and pretty sure he’ll make a great marketer in the future 😉

– Vincent: so true about the guidance council … we need such authority to guide youngsters into their future.
about Journalism … try to come up with some thing new people need, for example Kuwait Tribune has done a complete new idea in the blogging world … this guy/girl has started a news blog in Kuwait and i am pretty sure s/he will do a “unique” job in the future
check him/her out at http://kuwaittribune.wordpress.com/

and about me majoring in Journalism and no one is intrested in giving a chance or a job. ديرة بطيخ.

13. Maze - February 10, 2007

blame it on the italians as we always say…:P

14. Solo - February 10, 2007

HUH! 3ayal ana qi9ity qi9a! Just read this:
I grew up with no target, entered elementary school with no target, finished high school AGAIN with no target, now I’m an undergraduate student at KU and with no target too; I just didn’t know or think of what would I like to be when I get older; I didn’t have a certain thing in my mind.
First, when I started to study English as a main subject at secondary school, I liked it li2anha lo’3a yedeeda 3aly (o ana tara a7eb at3alam lo’3at) and I wanted to major in English at high school to be then an English teacher. Unfortunately, English major was dropped from the high school. So, I had to change my major to commerce (tijary). I thought by majoring in commerce will help me find me a dream, lol. Decided to continue studying it at Kuwait University, but couldn’t (maqbaloony b3eloom edaryah). Then, I changed my college to Arts, which was FAR from my former major. Now I’m in a major that I didn’t expect myself to major it, which is Masscom. I don’t think that I’ll have a job that is related to my major, shay 6abe3y. I said “NOT journalism.. NO WAY to major it;” I don’t like journalism BS mn 7a’6y el3away I majored in journalism ;/
Now who do YOU blame in my case? No one? Or me?

15. Faisal Husain - February 12, 2007

That’s cool guys, waiting for the new channel 🙂

16. LuLu - February 12, 2007

Oh I luved this one!

I totally can write a story about major-career confusion. BTW it’s not just Kuwait or the gulf or even this half of the world.. In some US schools you don’t have to declare your major until the 2nd year when you’ve sampled enough and figured out your potential. Personally, I changed majors 3 times then did a masters in a 4th major until I finally started to luv and enjoy what I’m doing. It also goes back to our mentality and upbringing– most people I know would rather die than change try as many majors as I did– but then they’re not half as happy! Can’t wait 4 ur next podcast

17. Q8ya - February 13, 2007

موضوع عجيب…:)

واغلبنا طحنا في هالمشكله….يعني انا تخصصي بالثانويه علمي ( رياضيات ) والحين تخرجت على الادبي واشتغل على الادبي وعلى قد شعر راسي ندمانه لاني ما كملت علمي بالجامعه…:)

بس اقتراحاتكم عجيبه…ياليت احد يسمعكم ويطبق شي من اللي قلتوه….:)

18. 7asoon - February 14, 2007

that’s so true guys!
I, for myself, thank God i like my major. wella i chose it not because i wanted it 😛 it just sounded cool back then ehehe

19. G - February 14, 2007

alla ya36eekom il 3afya guys 🙂

I guess the same applies here in Bahrain and the cases are so identical, my brother studied Chemical Engineering and worked in the gulfs biggest chemical companies, after that, guess what happened after being the big shot? He dropped out! Started his own investment business without knowing a thing or studying a thing about it!!

So i guess its all so true what you mentioned, Inshala this perception of what the “work market needs” or “what is the popular major” etc stops leading future students in the wrong path…

great topic!

20. Deera Chat Family - February 15, 2007

– Maze: yeah man really blame it on the Italians hahahahaha

– Solo: everyone went through a KILISH MORA tajroooba hehehe.
wala gisitij gisa!!!
and i guess lots of other people went almost through the same experience :/
AGAIN the system plays a big part in guiding us and because of the fact there is no guiding systems telling us, the KIDS, what our futures might turn to, we are lost. I also believe we, as studnets have to enlighted ourselves of what is going on around us where we had to realize that we have to depend on ourselves and be able to search and look for the best option. But the problem is we realize that we need to do so AFTER COLLEGE!!! which is of course too late
i believe now you should have an academic background that would let you know what liked to do before which is English … try to fulfill your dreams and crown them with a good job or project that you’d enjoy
so GOOD LUCK from Deera Chat

– Faisal Husain: thanks bro your comment 😉

– LuLu: i know kids in the states, they just don’t know ween allah 7a6hom … so yeah it is not only us … but i guess they have the system that let them choose what they like to do even in sophomore year of college.
thanks and we just posted our new episode .. listen to it and let us know what you think

– Q8ya: thanks and yeah we know it is a big problem and everyone was in it oo ya leet a7ad yisma3ana … but i guess someday they will because our podcast is open to the public and you can listen to any episode … any time

– 7asoon: hahahaha … ma tyoooz hahahahaha … thanks for stopping by and thanks for posting about us 😉 7asooooon rocks

– G: investment is what everyone’s dream now because that’s where the money is and it is FUN … and for you as a lady i recommend listening to Dinar Chat where we will talk about women and investments tomorrow so be tuned 😉
thanks again for stopping by


happy valentines

21. Nora-Cassandra - February 15, 2007

Wow guys you know what to talk about!

I was in Kuwait for 15 years and I was a straight A student till the end of high school and my dad wanted me to be a doctor or something like that! He’s from Kuwait so he never really stopped to think what do I really want either!!

So now almost 29 just found something I really like doing! Hairdressing!! Almost done with my studies and I’m one of the best in my class!

I’m glad I didn’t have to stay in the Uni in Kuwait, because I was just so board of all that. Now I’m working the job I want and married to the man I chose and I have my dreams!! Not my father’s!

My daughter is 7 and she says she want’s to be a dancer, then she says she want’s to be a Cheff like her dad, then sometimes she wants to be a hairdresser like me! All I tell her, you have all the time you need to decide, and I’ll be there to support your dream!

I’m not going to do the mistake of taking years from my childs life! It’s her life not mine to decide!!

22. Q80-ChillGirl - February 17, 2007

سلمك الله عندنا ثقافتين اينرفزووووني

ثقافة الحزن

ثقافة الإحبااااااااااااااط

and we master them btw !!!

Sadness culture: Most people around us express their every thing with sadness! when in love they have to be miserable to feel that they are in love, you can see it in the poetry and when people talk of their personal love experiences! long story short do a thing I tried once, Marina Mall Thursday “i know you will hate me for this! I didn’t go there on a Thursday from ages!!!” open up ur Bluetooth “preferable on the hidden mode!” check out the nick names! if you do not find AT LEAST one nickname that expresses sadness in love like ( أسير الأحزان أو منكسر الأغصان) this is not Kuwait.

Depression culture: Older people do not expect much of the young ones! they lost hope since we did not have an Einstein among us! Still there are other professions that people can be extinguished at or do some use to their countries with other than physics for example! even when you see mothers with their kids, there are a lot of them that call their kids names when they make mistakes! they don’t encourage them to use their mistakes to build their success

كله احباط، و يا المتين او يا الغبي
بس ما تشوف ام تشجع ابنائها على السنع بطريقة متفائلة الا ما ندر و هالشي يقهرني لان الاطفال اهم شباب المستقبل و فعلا الاهل ما يزرعون التفاؤل بنفس اطفالهم و هالشي ايحرني و حرام

اعتقد الاهل و المجتمع اهم الاساس، لازم نعلم نفسنا انتفائل و نزرع هالشي بعيالنا علشان يكبرون طموحيين و يبون يصيرون شي اهم يفتخرون فيه

23. Deera Chat Family - February 18, 2007

– Nora Cassandra: thanks and glad you liked the episode
you parents wanting their kids to be doctor is the typical story every single one of us has before getting into college
Glad you are doing what you like which is rare among our community
and it seems like the elements of a happy life is already established in your horizon, good husband, daughter, nice work, and that’s all it takes to be happy
Deera Chat is more than happy for your life style and all you have to do is keep up the good work and be happy with you kid and husband and at work as well …
wish you all the best

– Q80-chillGirl: hehehehe
you know thats just soooo true …
Sadness: thats the case in the governmental sector which drove us, ali & Musaed to the private sector. You have a complete different attitude toward life because people are doing what they like, ALMOST.
BIG LOOOOOOOL @ سير الأحزان أو منكسر الأغصان

Depression Culture: i can’t argue more at this point except … you always find this person who believes in your abilities and skills and gives you the chance to innovate and prove yourself and that’s all you need … what you have to do is find this person to fulfill your dreams

24. Q80-ChillGirl - February 18, 2007

On the Gov to private switch I join you guys 😀 I was in that situation too till I found my chance in the private sector! i knoooooooooooooooooooooow how it feels when you have all the innovative, creative ideas in the world and hit reality with a pc with a keyboard that skweeeks! and with a windows 93 that u have to wait untill the black screen is on with orange writing saying “you can now turn off ur computer” line?!!! man, horrible days!

Depression: However an importaint part that i think should be in every one is self innovation & the quest for creativity all around you, even if no one belives in you still you at least should not let you down & believe in ur self, and I counsider my self lucky because YES I found that person and he is wonderful, and yes I did find that character in my senior now that pushes me fwd, and at least if he cant change things he appreciates my work a looooooooooot annnnd
يحفزني اني اكرف بذمه و ضمير

Not only him, there are a lot of people that passed in my life & are passing along, friends & family or even anonymous people around the internet with simple encouragement words they push me to give my best & be something I am proud of :}

25. bO_s3ayD - May 9, 2008

reply for e5ty Bedoor(comment no 2).
Allah y3eenech 7as feech wallah.. same thing happened to me ;( bs el7mdela 3la kel 7aal.. I wan in the Engineering College and wanted to study Petroleum Engineering, I just loved it and it was all I wanted for do for the rest of my life, but guess what the section only accepted 20 students oer year and I had either to get a very high GPA or finish the science subjects as quickly as possible! so its like a race whoever finishes first gets to chose the major he wants. so it was normal for me not to do well in the subjects and just quit, besides the system and lecturers werent good enough, every subject students got tuition so for all these reasons I left the Uni and now am studying abroad..

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