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Next Week’s Episode January 14, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in cars, culture, kuwait.

We all love cars. Big, small, SUV, Sport, but is there such a thing called “ladies car”? or “Men’s car”? what makes a car appear more feminine then the other? Would that impact you car selection? We would like to know what you think, email us (deera.chat@gmail.com) so we can read your take in our next episode.

Plus: we will ask a question which is on every guy’s mind, and it is concerning YOU ladies! so stay tuned.
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1. Cozy - January 14, 2007

Maybe el colors bs a car car no i dont think so …if i liked a car i dont care what ppl think ..

2. Deera Chat Family - January 14, 2007

you are not conceren with thte image the car project?

3. mosan - January 14, 2007

I’ve noticed most Astin Martins are drvin by young ladies

4. mosan - January 14, 2007

plus How does this blog works ? why do I have to e. mail my comments ?

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