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Kuwait Postal Services January 4, 2007

Posted by Deera Chat Family in idea, kuwait, Podcast.

newman seinfeld
Imagine Kuwait with 1000 Newmans, the mail guy from Seinfeld, delivering packages and letters too all people like there is no tomorrow. How our lives would change due to this service? will it make it easier? more fun? less traffic? want to find the answers listen to the podcast and then comment on what you think 😉
have fun



1. Mr.CHoCoLaTe - January 5, 2007

السلام عليكم

يعطيكم العافيه

على الجهد الحلو و المواضيع الروعه

و الصراحه أنا أشوف الصوت واضح مو مثل ما قالوا اخواني المدونين اللي التقينه فيهم أمس

بس حبيت أنبه ان في مشكله في التسجيل ما أدري ما يكمل ياريت لو تجيكون عليه

مع السلامه

2. Mr.CHoCoLaTe - January 5, 2007

طبعاً بس تسجيل مال هذا الموضوع هي هي

الباجي زينين


3. Deera Chat Family - January 5, 2007

– thanks mr. chocolate for your comment, actually one of the bloggers gave me some tips about sound recording yesterday and inshallah next week’s podcast will be clearer
– Yazeez: sorry your comment was delete because i deleted the whole post by mistake this morning, you were right about odeo and about blogger 😉
we really hate BLOGGER now
it really SUCK big time

4. Missy - January 5, 2007

oo hey so u moved ? O.o

im downloading the episode right now… why dont u use that thingie u used in blogger..? hathi elli u click on play and it starts without downloading.. if u got what i mean =p i just cant w8 till the download finishes. and that was better\easier for us anyway.

I didnt get the episode LOLL :^) ma3ndkum bareed?

and can u check the file? yeng6e3 could listen to all of it 😦

5. Missy - January 5, 2007

couldn’t *

6. Mr.CHoCoLaTe - January 5, 2007

صح مثل ما قالت اختي Missy

ترى في مشكله بالتسجيل مال هالحلقه

مو قصدي الصوت مو واضح او شي : \


7. Deera Chat Family - January 5, 2007

Hi there,
sorry guys for the audio problem
i fixed it … it should be working fine now
-for those who use itunes and downloaded the episode delete the episode and then refresh by right clicking and choosing update podcaste
-for those who download manually .. try to download it manually again by clicking on the blue box
-missy : the embedded flash player can be added a day after adding the podcast … odeo, the site that generates the player, is kind of slow …. i will add it tomorrow
sorry again for the technical problem

8. Deera Chat Family - January 5, 2007

Missy : wordpress is kinda weird where it is not let me use the flash embedded player for the episode … so because of the fact that you love us 😉 … you would just subscribe via itunes or download it manually … so have fun

9. Papillona - January 5, 2007

Hey! Nice home..
To be honest I thought of dumping Blogspot too, but I couldn’t.. We’ve been together for almost two years now
ما تهون علي العشرة.. راضية بعيوبه وصابرة عليه وما عندي مانع أصبر بعد
ياختك الحب وما يسوي

(It’s late, l’ll listen to the episode tomorrow)

10. Missy - January 5, 2007

Thanks Ali\Musaed (haha I cant tell which one is which one though) :P…

haha yeaah we want this postman for Rmdhaan! 😐
I hate uuuu im so craving elgemaat right now! -_-

I loved the idea .. it’s really useful dude.. the goverment should seeee this! 😉 *thumbs up*

11. Q - January 6, 2007

Good job guys! Excellent topic and great discussion about it. In my opinion its ur best so far.

Keep up the good work and more important subjects like that! Ya3ny the show downloads and sushi were good too, but this subject takes ur discussion to a dif level, where its actually something important affecting our society..

12. Maze - January 6, 2007

You guys are doing great work…keep it up..And Ali it was nice meeting you ….I am with the postal services 100%…convey my regards to Musaed!…I’m downloading all your podcasts although i have some problems in understanding the kuwaiti language bass meshee el hal…take care

13. Deera Chat Family - January 6, 2007

– Papillona : I, Ali, have been a blogger since 2004 and have been using blogger since then but man in the past 3 weeks we really were having some serious trouble posting to our blog so we were like fine we had enough and moved the hell out of there

– Blasha: please Blasha, I am the biggest fan of Seinfeld, i watched all 9 seasons almost 11 times SO FAR!!!!!

– Missy: they sell frozen gaemat in il jam3iyat thats if you are too lazy to make some yourself 😉

– Q: thanks for your comment, actually we try to diversify our topics so that our listeners won’t get bored with one face of speech, we talked about food, tv, and dress code. I totally agree with you about specifying on important subjects which you and any other listener might suggest so that we talk about it. We have some plans to make our listeners join in with their ideas and thoughts but lets not talk about YET 😉 we have a lot of topics up our sleeves so be tuned man

14. Loura - January 6, 2007

I didnt listen.. but i thinnk we will keep fighting.. to the last drop.

15. Deera Chat Family - January 6, 2007

i mention the word Seinfeld up to 10 times a day
how about that

16. Deera Chat Family - January 6, 2007

Thanks maze for your comment and it was nice meeting you as well … We will take a much clearer Kuwaiti next time how about that 😉

17. dandoon - January 6, 2007

I downloaded the old one and came here to tell you guys ina it’s not complete..but I see you’ve already realized that lol!

So when does the new postal system start?:p

18. Deera Chat Family - January 7, 2007

to be honest … i have no idea when exactly the new postal service would start … they could have started it long time ago but that is Kuwait

19. puppylove - January 7, 2007

I loved this episode too, i think it’d be a great idea.

In the states and other european countries have this system, they even send food from one state 2 another if there’s a specific place u would to like to eat from, of course for the food we have good home deliveries, but for home made cooked meals, this will be a good solution, cuz not everybody has a driver in kuwait, we dont.
So image our small country as u said, these things can be delivered in one day, and also for ur personal errands, that would sooooooooooooooo solve the traffic problems!

I’ve always wanted a system like this, its sooooo nice 2 get mails then emails, i love that feeling, especially when they’re personal, and getting ads, bills, magazines and other stuff. I know we already recieve this but still, it’s not on a daily basis.

But never thought of the traffic, good thinking guys.

20. Deera Chat Family - January 7, 2007

so can we sign you up for the Newman Mail Army Group (NMAG) ???

21. puppylove - January 7, 2007

that comment was for me?

22. Missy - January 7, 2007

reallly? u r so gonna DHL me some!!!! 😛

23. G - January 7, 2007

I just have to say I was shocked that a country so developed like Kuwait doesn’t have a reliable postal service!! Living in a counrty like Bahrain, we still consider our selves as a ‘developing’ counrty despite the transitions and technology advancments that we have. I work in one of the top insurance companies which has a branch here in Bahrain and we still use the Bahraini Govermental post a reliable source to get to customers. So a way to go with B2B opportunites. loool adry i may seem like i’m writing an essay but the Post is fatal, and as you’ll be the next leading generation in Kuwait, guys you have to do something about it (Y)

lool alla 3eenkom at your weddings whilst sending the 500+ invitations, don’t forget to send me one, by post that is please 😉

great post..

P.s. 9ar 5a6ry fee 8aimat!!!

24. smile - January 8, 2007

GOOD JOB guyz .. FEkrah 7elwa Oo in5aleena nesta’3ni 3am swag.. Oo ba3deen I used to send mail to my friend in newzelanda wallah its was fun . and make save this latter and back to it when you want .. Oo ba3deen mawjodah hasalfa .. mthel if the bank want to send to u your credit card .. its happend to me .. but I dont forgeat the name
Oo 9a7 as u said .. if some one have wedding wallah moshkilah eshloon itwa9eel da3wat .. fa hashay eysahel kil shai Oo ebmamla’3 base6 ..
Oo my idea lish my ey9er fi shopping online ,, wallah marat it3eyez itroo7 aljam3eya Oo special etha kan barrah 7ar fa this service help me .

25. Deera Chat Family - January 8, 2007

– puppylove : yeah … that comment was for you … hehehe

– G : well we have a postal system but it SUCK big time … nothing get delivered and mostly it gets delivered to the trash cans …. really … they put some pics of that happening in the newspapers!!!!

– Smile: Musaed is the Ideas man … i love his ideas and he is GREAT … thank him

26. G - January 8, 2007

ma9adig! alla 3eenkom guys… my heart is with you

27. Deera Chat Family - January 8, 2007

! huh !

28. deera chat family - January 9, 2007

Thanks Ali but its a team thing 🙂

29. puppylove - January 9, 2007

Sign me up then heeheeheehee

30. khaled - July 2, 2008

السلام عليكم
يعطيكم العافية شباب وجزاكم الله خير على المجهود الرائع المواضيع الحلوة ومنها للأعلى انشاء الله
بس انا عندي ملحوظة ، وياليت انكم تاخذونها بروح رياضية وبعين الأعتبار
انا ملاحظ انه الموقع بالغة الأنجليزية مع انه احنا كويتين ولغتنا العربية ، ممكن انكم مسوين الموقع بالأنجليزي علشان الأحانب بالديرة بس مافيها مشكلة اذا سويتو ايقونه في اعلى الموقع تكون باللغة الأنجليزية علشان الأجانب ولا احنا كلنا عيال الديرة وكلنا نتكلم عربي وكذلك على المواضيع الي تذاع على قناة الموقع اشوفها مكس بين اللغتين عربي / انجليزي طيب ليش احنا كويتين عرب لازم نفتخر بهل شي ونخلي لغتنا العربية في المقام الأول ، يعني في احد من الشباب الطيب إلي قاعد يقرى كلامي دش موقع انجليزي وشاف اعضائه يتكلمون عربي ؟؟؟؟ لا يمكن مستحيل .
عيل ليش احنا نسويها وياليت المواضيع تكون بالغة العربية سواء عامية او فصحى المهم عربي وخلنا نفتخر بالغتنا وبديرتنا وخل كل الناس تعرف انه في بالكويت شباب مثل إلي قائمين على هذا الموقع الممتاز ، وجزاكم الله الف خير ويعطيكم العافية واعذروني على الطوالة 🙂

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